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Easily find emails for any domain name and connect with the people who matter the most. Start doing lead generation for email marketing and generate value for yourself and for your business.

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Use our free unlimited email finder and get access to free unlimited lead generation. we believe in helping you build genuine connections by helping you find employee emails for any company.

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Use the best

B2B unlimited lead generation tools

like the Minelead

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in order to

find emails for domain name

. find emails for companies, build your network and generate value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minelead ?

Minelead is a free email finder, you can find emails for any company that has a presence on the web.

Why use a Free Email Finder ?

You're trying to find clients for your business, maybe you've built this great product and need to find investors, or maybe you want to contact a company about something. we are here to close the gap between you, and the people that you want to get to. You can use the free email finder to find emails for any company and professional.

Why choose Minelead over other email finding services ?

We started Minelead because we found that other services that allow you to find emails for any company were charging a lot of money for data that is publicly available on the internet, our goal isn't to build a million dollar business, our goal is to help YOU build a million dollar business, and to do that you need to save as much money as you can.
we want to bring people together, so that they can provide value for each other, and we plan on doing that by providing the best email lead generation tool and email lead generation extension ever.

What kind of services does Minelead provide ?

the Minelead B2B unlimited lead generation tools include the Minelead platform, as well as a browser email lead generation extension, that let's you find emails for a company while you're visiting their website.
We also provide a well documented API, that allows you to integrate Minelead into your platform.

What is the difference between the Free and Pro accounts ?

Free users enjoy all the features the Pro users enjoy, except that they have to wait a certain time between searches. where as pro users can make as much searches as they want without any throttling.

What do i get with the Business account ?

The Business Minelead subscription is a great way for businesses to get access to an ever growing database of emails. as well a great development team, to take care of all the technicalities that come with implementing an email finder into your backend.
business users are also in close contact with the minelead team, we are always eager to add new functionalities and cater to our users.

My company or email address is in the Minelead email directory, how do i unlist it ?

Your privacy is very important to us. we only use public data, that is available on the internet, we never buy or sell any data.
as for your data, you can always contact us, and we will delete it.

Can i integrate the Minelead API in my business, service or product ?

the API is a great way to allow your customers to get a hold of email addresses, some companies use it for email marketing, some use it for lead generation. Minelead users with a Minelead Business account get Free Integration support directly from the Minelead Developers. we also have great documentation, that we are constantly updating.
you're a business finding difficulty integrating the Minelead API ? no worries, just contact us.

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