Minelead Extensions

Minelead offers extensions for their products. Get all of these features in your browser:

  • Free email lookup, reverse email lookup

    and quick access to leads for any website you visit
  • Easy leads exporting and saving using our

    Email Lead Generation Extension

  • Cutting edge leads generation with a

    free unlimited email finder

    and B2B lead generation tools
  • Acquire any company contact information,

    find employee emails for a company


    find emails for domain name.

  • Find professional emails in your gmail application with our

    Gmail Extension

Browser Extension

Minelead Browser Extension

Chrome & Firefox Extension

Cutting edge domain finder and lead generation tool. Find email for any company or website as you visit them.

Chrome Extension Firefox Extension

Gmail Extension

This Add-On will allow you to benefit from the Minelead Professional Email Finder product in your Gmail page, you can use it to find professional emails.

Gmail Extension
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