SaaS Sales: Top Tips and Best Practices from



Companies are now using more SaaS products than ever before. Here are some tips and tricks to practice to be ahead of the game:



1. Make the Free Trials Brief

Free trials always attract more customers. However, when they stay too long, they lose urgency. When they stay too short, your prospects won’t have time to check out the full features. Therefore, find a way to balance the two perspectives and leave prospective clients wanting more.


2. Make Your Service Upsell-Friendly

When you’re too focused on finding new clients, it becomes easy to forget upsells. When done right, your existing clients can generate a lot of revenue for you. It’s more difficult and pricy to win additional recurring revenue from a new client than from an existing one.
Always offer upsell-friendly products by offering more functionality for a recurring fee. If you notice your clients are using a specific tool more, suggest an upsell feature that could lead to more sale conversions in the future.



3. Follow Up With Trial Users

Many SaaS startups don’t make an effort of following up with trial users. Once you gain new prospects, the sales team should be offering practical advice on how to use the product effectively. You can follow up halfway through the trial period to let clients know what to expect.


4. Personalize Email Campaigns

Effective personalization offers a lot more than just using your prospect’s name severally. Introduce segmentation into your personalization strategy whereby you create customer personas, use them to segment your email list, and target each segment with personalized content.


5. Be Brief and Value-Driven

Nobody wants to go through a whole hour of your attempted demo on showcasing your product. Be brief, straight to the point and don’t drag out the demo.


6. Correct Pricing

SaaS providers tend to undervalue their products just to close a deal. While this might lead to short-term success, it may be disastrous in the long-run. If you are keen to gain new customers by undercutting the competition, you may not have a sustainable model or a loyal customer base.


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