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With An Email Hunter ?




    Many companies are boosting their earnings by using email marketing. Through blog content, whitepapers, and landing pages they gain their customer’s emails and use it for marketing purposes with email marketing. That is not what an email hunter does though. 


    However, there is another way to boost lead earnings by connecting with other businesses and connecting with them.

    Here comes the email hunter in hand. You can connect by gaining the company and their professionals’ emails. An email hunter platform can help you out here. 








    The issue arises - how can you get the company and their professional’s emails and what is an email hunter?




How does an email hunter work?

    An email hunter helps you gain a business's emails by entering their domain in a search bar and the platform provides you with the company’s email but with any other public emails that they have shown on their website. 


    Instead of going through the website page by page and maybe finding just one email, an email hunter provides all the emails the website offers with just one simple search.

    It allows you to have more time to work on your business and makes the process much easier and quicker. 


    You can use our Minelead.io email hunter by simply going to our domain. However, we have other ways - we even have a browser extension.

    You can use this extension while you are on the company’s website and get instant business emails that they have on their website.

    One-click is enough and you’ll get numerous emails to help you connect with the business. We also can help you with an API that you can integrate on your website. 





How does an email hunter help me?


    It helps you to connect with other businesses and work on collaborations or for any other reason you might have to connect with the business or professionals from the businesses.

    This way you can get business leads that will help your business thrive and boost your earnings in the end. Here are some benefits of lead generation.


    Connecting with other companies can help you boost earning in an alternative way and give you endless opportunities for your company to grow. It’s a lead generation tool that is as good as it sounds. 


    Once you have the email businesses of a company you can use an email marketing platform such as Hubspot to connect with the company through a funnel, or you can email them personally making the email more personal, yet professional.

    It will connect you more intimately and help you get in touch with the business directly. 


    You can get investors to help your business grow and thrive and it can go both ways. The other company will profit from the collaboration as well, so don’t worry that you might bother them with your emails.

    Many businesses can thrive from you approaching the investors by using an email hunter tool such as Minelead.io





Can other people use it on my website as well?


    Yes, but this is a good thing - it will help other businesses to get in contact with you as well. This doesn’t depend on you in either way and it happens only if another company uses our Minelead.io tool as well. 


    It goes both ways, our platform is good since you might get an email from a business that will help you boost your earnings through a thriving cooperation or collaboration.

    It doesn’t offer personal emails so don’t worry about that. You won’t get spammed on your personal email by companies you might not want to work with. 





Do I have to pay for the service?


    We have a free option and a PRO option, with the free version you can get unlimited and timeless searches. You won’t be able to do too many searches in a given hour, however with the PRO version you can make as many searches as you want in a minute, minutes, or hours. 


    Other tools similar to ours charge you a lot of money to use the email hunter service, while our free option gives you a lot of searches and options and charges you nothing. This is a big thing and it separates Minelead.io from other similar tools that profit from you. 


    With the PRO subscription, you also get service support from our great developer team who can answer and help you fix any problems that might arise when you integrate Minelead.io into your platform.

    This way you will be supported every step of the way with using our email hunter tool. 


    We also take great pride in our developer team, they are experienced professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Most have been with us from the beginning and understand the Minelead.io tool’s every aspect. 





How many emails can I find?


    As many as the company has to offer, our tool is not an intrusive one. You won’t be able to get personal company emails, only the professional ones. This way you can connect in an easy and safe way with the company while maintaining your own company’s reputation and dignity. 





Can I search for more companies’ emails?

    Yes, you can look from as many company emails as you want. You can search from one company to a hundred company’s emails. However, with the free subscription, you will have a pause and wait between a number of searches.


    With the PRO subscription, there is no time limit, and you can do as many searches as you want per minute, hour, or per day and weeks. 


    You can do this personally or have your email marketing team in charge of the searches. Or, you can even hire a professional that will have the responsibility of gathering the companies’ emails and decide with which ones to get in touch with. 


    Minelead.io is a great opportunity for your company to grow, thrive, and boost its earnings.

    It’s also a great way to expand and get more professional leads that will lead your business to success or even more success than it already has. 


    Before you start using Minelead.io make sure to read our blog post of top tips and best practices on using our tool.


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