How to Use AI to Personalize Your Email Marketing



Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized many different industries – and digital marketing is no exception. In fact, AI has been adopting a more central role in marketing with AR and VR as well as machine learning becoming widely-used technologies.


When it comes to email marketing, AI can be used for a variety of purposes all of which could help you improve your email marketing strategy. Without further ado, here’s how to use AI to personalize your email marketing.


Benefits of Using AI for Email Marketing


Besides improving personalization, using AI for email marketing will also give you a number of other benefits. You will be able to:


  • Automate Processes – You can set up email marketing campaigns and send them out automatically. Moreover, you can also set up specific types of automated messages (e.g. confirmation of transaction, welcome email, automatic response).


  • Increase Revenue – You can have campaigns that are bigger in scale that will target more potential and current customers. In turn, this will help you get more people to purchase your products and increase your revenue.



  • Personalize Efficiently – Speaking of automating content production, you will also be able to personalize emails more efficiently.


  • Optimize Campaigns – You will understand your audience better which will help you optimize your email marketing campaigns.


  • Make Accurate Predictions – You will also be able to make more accurate predictions about your customers and your email marketing campaigns.


As you can see, there are quite a few benefits that you will likely experience if you start using AI for email marketing. But above all else, you will be able to improve the way you personalize your email marketing.



#1 Automate Tasks and Processes


The first thing you will have to do is automate different tasks and processes related to email marketing. You can automate your email marketing campaigns once they are all set up, but there are also other aspects of email marketing that can be automated.


For instance, you can automate the creation of content for your emails. Some parts of your emails can be generated by AI writing tools like ChatGPT just by providing the software with the right request. You can create different types of “standard” emails this way (e.g. welcome emails, transaction confirmation, etc.)



#2 Speed Up Content Creation



Once you figure out how to generate content for your emails, you will be able to speed up your content creation as a whole. Here are some tips on how to use AI writing tools more effectively:


  • Be specific in your requests and avoid vague wording or words with double meanings.
  • Make your requests as concise as possible, but don’t forget to add any details that could be critical.
  • Provide context, examples, or a particular perspective on the topic to give more guidance to the tool on what kind of text you want.


#3 Segment Your Audience Smartly



By using advanced AI tools for analyzing your audience, you will be able to learn more about your current and potential customers. In turn, this will help you segment your audience in a smarter way.


You can use large amounts of data you already have about your current customers to determine which groups of customers act in which ways. By studying each group separately and learning about its peculiarities, you can deliver more relevant content to them through your email marketing campaigns.



#4 Personalize Email Content and Copy


One of the processes you can automate is the personalization of content and copy in emails. Essentially, you will need to create a single text for all emails where specific parts can be personalized for each recipient (e.g. the product suggestions section). You can then use an email design tool or something similar to fill out the emails.


If you need help creating content, you can always hire experienced writers from the writing service Trust My Paper to help you with writing and editing. Working with professionals will allow you to create more high-quality content at a faster pace which is critical for bigger email marketing campaigns.



#5 Refine Your Email List


Your email list is not perfect. There are email addresses on it that are no longer in use or those that don’t exist in the first place. This means that every time you send out an email marketing campaign, your metrics such as the open rate could be skewed because of such addresses on your email list. Moreover, you are pretty much spending your resources to send out more emails when you could be sending out fewer emails to get the same results in return.


What this all means is that you need to refine your email list. You need to identify the email addresses that aren’t in use and then remove them from the list. Likewise, there could be people on your list who do use their emails but aren’t actually interested in your brand and products. Yet, they are still subscribed to you. If you see that a particular person hasn’t been opening your emails for a while, then perhaps it’s a sign you should unsubscribe them.


It's difficult to do all of this manually which is why using the right AI tool can help. You can use some analytics tools to understand your audience while other tools will help you refine your email list as explained above.



#6 Understand the Customer Lifecycle


In addition to understanding what types of customers your audience is made up of, you will also be able to understand the customer lifecycle. This is the journey that the customer goes through from first finding out about your brand to becoming a loyal customer. All the touchpoints in that journey are necessary for the person to become a returning customer.


Undoubtedly, your email marketing has a role in this lifecycle which is why understanding it is so important. Analyze your audience and look at different metrics (you can even get feedback from your email subscribers about their experiences with your brand) – and then use this information in your marketing and customer support. You can launch marketing campaigns that will be more effective and efficient.



#7 Make Accurate Predictions


Every year, AI is becoming more and more advanced which means it can make more and more accurate predictions for you. And if you can make accurate predictions, you can make better decisions and solve problems with a higher rate of success.


That being said, some things still can’t be handled by AI. The best approach is to use the strengths of human professionals with the abilities of AI tools for the best results.


#8 Write Compelling Subject Lines


Last but not least, don’t underestimate the fact that you can use AI to write compelling cold email subject lines and any kind of subject lines as a whole. While a subject line is not a part of the email in the sense that it is just outside of it, it is still something that all your recipients will pay attention to.


You can use ChatGPT or a similar tool to generate multiple versions of a subject line with the same kind of message or information in it. You can then test these different versions of the same subject line to see which version will be the most effective in persuading your subscribers to open and read the email.



Final Thoughts

All in all, using AI for email marketing can be a great way to improve personalization as well as get a number of other benefits. Use the tips in this article to help you create better email marketing campaigns and connect with your customers.



Cynthia Young is an academic writer with a wondrous love for business literature and marketing. She starts her day reading articles in her favorite business magazines and ends up writing her own. Sometimes writes articles on topics of interest to her.

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