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If you open up your email inbox, then what is the first thing you notice? It is, of course, the fact that it is inundated with sales campaigns. How many companies market to you every single day? I’m guessing that there might be at least a dozen. 40% of B2B marketers say that email newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success. Revenue for B2B marketing automation systems increased by 60% to $1.2 million in 2014 compared to a 50% increase in 2013. This strongly suggests that the power behind business sales depend significantly on email campaigns. So how can minelead help with this?




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Leads can help your business to grow


Minelead is a fast-growing company business specializing in business lead generation. The lead generation tool can be used to source email lists of employees from some of the most reputable companies. Attaining a quality email list is the key to helping your business thrive. Having reputable contacts at your fingertips enables you to communicate with them and create successful sales campaigns. Collaborating with other businesses will enable you to gain knowledge and inside information which will help you to identify your target audience. You may use the contacts to carry out market research and build up positive relationships with other businesses who may be able to help promote your business and vice versa.



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Most start-up businesses cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on marketing. One of the benefits of using minelead is that our lead generation tool is completely free. B2B buyers and sellers may also buy from one another which will establish a long-term relationship and creates money-saving opportunities. By building contacts you will obtain direct access to the latest market information which will, in turn, help you to keep track of the analytical aspects of your target audience.



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