Get the information about hunter email finder tool 


If you’ve already found the email of your prospect through a hunter email finder such as then you’re ready to write them a cold email. 


But, how to not lose them? Now that you’ve gained such valuable intel - their professional email address, you have to be careful. Otherwise, you might have gone through all the trouble for nothing. 


Although there is no such thing as perfection, or the perfect cold email [ there is such a thing as near perfect. So, after using an hunter email finder tool, let’s see how to write a catchy human cold email to your prospect. 




  1. Subject line


Make your subject line short, catchy, and personal! These are the three golden rules of cold emailing and the subject line. 


No one will open an email they can’t see the end of, and if it’s not catchy they’ll definitely not open it. Also, if it’s not personal at all - they might simply delete it or it might even end up in their spam box. 


Then, make sure your subject line is a few words, it’s appealing and makes the person or prospect want to click on it, and make it personal - they’ll click on it faster. This way you’ll get a higher CTR than a monotonous non-personalized cold email. 


  1. Create an outline


Yes, outlines matter - even when it comes to cold emailing. Make sure you know what you want to say in that email, why, and how you are going to say it. 

With such a short amount of content, you have to be careful what you put inside of you or you’ll risk losing your prospect’s attention or will to continue reading it or replying to it. 


You can make a basic outline - begin with mentioning your prospect’s pain-point then go on with all the benefits that your service will do to remove their pain-point and finish with a CTA (call-to-action) that’s not too invasive or pushy. 


  1. Personalize the body of the cold email


Once you have the professional’s email gained through a hunter email finder tool like - you can’t just send random cold emails that are completely devoid of any life in them. 


They are called cold emails but let’s make them a little bit warm, shan’t we? Warm emails are personalized emails - where you add inside something you know about the person - perhaps something you have in common with them, or something about their interests, or hobbies. 


Do a little bit of research on the person before sending them a cold email and see what you can find and how you can use that piece of information wisely. 


Don’t overdo it with the research or you might be seen as a stalker or too intrusive, and no one wants an email from someone like that, do they?


  1. Use a non-intrusive CTA


It’s easy to just push a sign up or buy here CTA at the end of your cold email, but it’s not a very good idea. You’re probably connecting with other professionals through a hunter email finder to do some business networking. In which case, you CTA’s need to be - sublime, yes - sublime.


You’ll be emailing intelligent intuitive people who can sense from thousands of miles away someone out to gain only profit from them or to take other advantages from them.

So, write a catchy CTA such as:


And so many more CTAs that I’m sure you can come up with. CTAs that speak to the person they are and leave the person room to breathe and come to you. 


Now that you know the basics of doing a cold email, learn more about a hunter email finder tool such as by reading our blog, or sign up for a free subscription. See? Sublime.

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