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Are you caught between two stools and you find it difficult to choose between alternatives of email finder and verifier tools?



Then, we present to you the best thing since sliced bread, an innovative tool that is a blessing in disguise.



Minelead started from the ground up as the best domain/bulk finder and chrome extension provider along with API access in 2019. Since then, we have witnessed major progress with our tools and introduced new features and products to help fulfill our customers’ needs.  



We made sure to imply new attributes to provide valuable quality results. The best way to promote the betterment of our products, we want you to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth through this article.






1. Best Added Valuable Products and Features


       Quality Domain & Bulk Searcher


       Email & Bulk Verifier


       Email & Bulk Finder


2. What differentiates us from others?


       Real-Time Search


       Unlimited Credits


       Competitive price


       Gain Money



1. Our Business Growth



In order to ensure optimized and sustainable growth, we always seek additional options and create points of expansion when improving our tools and developing our products to encourage you as a business to generate profits.



Advancement is a lifestyle now, and as a business, you should promote the added value and quality results to maintain an exponential curve of progress and build a strong name on the market.


So, what are our best new products and options?



We are always delighted to promote quality results and show you the high standard that we strived to achieve.  



Briefly, we will reveal why our products are the best on the market.



Domain & Bulk Searcher



Let’s keep it general and let me ask you as a person, would you rather have a massive quantity of emails from one domain or obtain only quality ones that are reliable.



I believe we both would have the same opinion and agree on choosing quality over quantity.



Using our services, you will see the differences in reliable results. Let me give you an example here.


Let’s take Ahrefs domain and test it on our website.



Domain Finder


Screenshot of domain finder-minelead.io




The first thing you might be wondering now, is why we only have 3 contacts displayed and two of them are valid?



Would you consider that our database is small? Actually, no!



As the website catches all emails tested, we don’t show massive contacts. It would have been easier for us to display every email tested, but those would only be guesses and the majority of them, unfortunately, could be wrong. So we avoid that.



On our website, we only show dependable and authentic results that will add extra value to your business.



Not convinced yet to choose minelead? Then check our quality email verifier.



Email & Bulk Verifier



Even if the products are newly founded, we are in a continuous process of enhancing the trustworthiness of the email verifier.



To avoid and minimize the risk of getting hard and soft bounces of your amazing sales pitches emails, we are not only limited at displaying the validity and non-existing of an email address, but we also provide extra details when verification of email addresses is unknown or the website catches all emails as true. See the image below.




 Email verification


Screenshot showing a catch-all example-email verifier




That is something very important to point out. As the best email verifier, we are very proud to care about details that could cost you seriously. So, be careful when verifying email addresses elsewhere.  



Another point that flips the balance, is that we are able to verify personal email addresses. Sometimes, businesses use private emails as a point of contact.



So, make sure to take advantage of the free Gmail verifier.




Email & Bulk Finder



Let’s turn now into the email finder product.



When using the email finder, we are more than confident that the results found are definitive and honest. How come?



Every time you enter the full name of a person and its company’s domain name, the results you get are only true and validated ones. Meaning, that our system will have to constantly verify the potential email addresses and only exposes the proven result is valid.



Sounds good to you? I hope so!



Now let dive further into what distinguishes us from our competitors.



2. Why we are the best in the market? 



Besides quality, we have come to introduce new features that enable you to fulfill your missions and make them more productive as well as enjoy the best journey along the way.



Real-Time Search



Currently, there are around 1.17 billion websites in the World. Relying on a static database is outdated now. Hundreds if not thousands of websites are created every day. Having a reliable tool that can scrap and crawl to these newly added websites is critical.



Most of our competitors have created a well-established database. It's no secret from you that we have a great quality database too that has millions of companies and quality emails. However, it doesn’t end here, we constantly conduct real-time searches and we offer that to our users too.



The real-time search allows our subscribers to find emails of domains that are not currently in our database. Meanwhile, when emails are found, they will be added automatically to our actual database so others will have quick access to those emails obtained already.



Real-time search is a feature that is not only added to the domain search product but also to bulk service. If the domain name has many emails, you can even get the top 3 to top 10 of those reliable emails searched.



 Bulk finder


Screenshot showing the real-time option of bulk service




Unlimited Credits



What is better than having an unlimited search for contacts and emails?



If you ask me, I would say nothing.



Offering customers the opportunity to conduct unlimited searches using a reliable service is something we promise.



Most of our business clients prefer having an enterprise subscription, can you guess why?



To have the best of both worlds.



Using minelead enterprise gives you the chance to benefit the most from domain search, email verification, and email finder, don’t forget the bulk, API, and email finder extension for chrome too, you will have no limits at all with extra speed too, as we consider your time precious.





As an enterprise benefiter, do you believe you are the only one who takes advantage of the service?



Not at all, your teammates can join you and use the products at no additional cost. How come? because the account can have multiple users.



Do you imagine how many results you can get with the unlimited credits and the multi-user features? You will have massive valuable results that could help you find your way to the summit and conquer industries with your marketing campaigns.



Now you know that using minelead’s enterprise subscription helps you unlock and reveal multiple features to enjoy the best experience ever!



 unlimited credits


Screenshot showing the unlimited credits of an Enterprise subscriber



Competitive Price



At minelead, we make sure that everyone has a stand-in on our platform and is happy with our products. Choosing minelead premiums won’t cost you an arm and a leg.



Whether you are a startup, a small business, a company, or an enterprise and aim to expand your outreach and promote your business. We got your back. All you have to do is to sit back and relax and watch how your business will grow with an email finder.



As we care about everyone’s budget, we have created ideal plans that suit any of the above business holders. It only depends on how high you are aiming for your business.



If you are starting a new business, or you find yourself as a solopreneur, the Pro plan is perfect for you, as it will give you that right kick and push you one step closer to realizing your dream.



However, if you have a well-established company or even a small business that has managed to assure nice incomes and revenues, and your goal is to sell more of your products and promote your services to a targeted audience. Then, I believe the Business plan represents the best choice for you.



In case you have an enterprise with objectives of achieving growth and accomplishing high profit, then I couldn’t advise you more of using the Enterprise plan.



A reminder: Make sure that we are cutting corners, by saving time and money from using minelead products, we are not compromising quality and bending the rules here.



We bet you won’t find affordable prices with more quality results like ours, test it now and let us know your feedback!




 Minelead pricing

Screenshot showing minelead annual subscription prices



Gain Money



Using our platform will actually generate for you another stream of income. However, it only depends on how creative you are to get these profits.



Our referral opportunity will help you gain money for every customer who uses your link to subscribe and pay for our services.



See, we are not the only benefiter of our platform. You can do it too!



All you have to do is to invite others to use our products and get extra dollars when they pay.



Sounds attempting right? You should try it then!



Now, can you tell me, you still have doubts about the best email finder and verifier tool?



I believe we covered pretty much everything here, the ball is in your court! Make a wise decision from now on.



Minelead.io, where your business journey begins



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