How to Build Email Reputation for Your Outreach Campaigns



email reputation




How to build email reputation for your outreach campaigns? Regardless, of whether you are new or experienced in email marketing. There is a set of things that decide if a letter arrives at the users’ inbox. The body of the email can be your game changer. Though, various elements are responsible. 


In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of email deliverability – you will discover how the IP address and the domain you are utilizing can influence the impact of email deliverability.





Assessing Score of your Email Reputation


There are 4 levels of email reputation. These are: 


  1. High: These emails are based on general compliance standards. High-scored addresses are free from spam and different kinds of filters.
  2. Fair: Addresses with fair sender scores land in the readers’ inbox effectively. Nonetheless, an email with a fair score might go in the category of ‘Promotions’. It happens only when there’s excessive content of sales in the body of the email.
  3. Low: Emails with a low score reputation might reach the inbox of the user. But, there are chances that they are marked as spam and have low chances of ever being opened.
  4. Bad: If an address has a low reputation score, all emails originating from it will be hailed naturally or dropped at the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) level. The bad reputation score is associated with the addresses or IPs that create high volumes of spam.





How to Improve Email Reputation



Email reputation is directly proportional to the deliverability pace of your campaign. Correct and fruitful email sending practices are important even if you have a huge subscriber base. Without following strategies and methodologies the results could be disappointing. 


Certain strategies can be followed to improve Email reputation. These are: 


  1. Follow SPF: A sender policy framework (SPF) is a verification procedure. This convention guarantees that the domain name recorded in the ‘From’ field coordinates the IP address from the database. 
  2. Keep Domain and topic of the email on the same track: Disparities between the subject of the domain and the body of the email will bring down your sender score. Make sure that the domain class is the same as the product or service category.
  3. Keep the Volume Low: Since the volume of messages is exceptionally significant with regards to IP reputation, try to not send a large number of emails within a short period. Rather, section your database and send emails on definite intervals.
  4. Maintain consistency through your emails: Maintain a proper recurrence for your email marketing campaigns. The audience gets upset with the inconsistency.
  5. Maintain the email frequency: To maintain the proper frequency is important. Try to maintain the balance between too much and too few, so that it does not impact your sender score as well as the conversion rate. 
  6. Maintain the KPIs: It is also important that you consider each element important to maintain a good reputation score. To maintain the KPIs, you must monitor your email reputation after every interval.
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