How To Generate Leads For Any Business For Free?


'Turn Visitors Into Leads and Leads Into Customers'










The question that keeps bringing more confusion to sales representatives is:  what are the ways of generating sales leads?



The idea of selling a product remains a mystery for businesses, however, generating leads and converting them into clients is what makes it a clarity. How to do that? we will see 6 different ways to not only generate leads but to increase your chances of selling your products.



When starting a business, you must understand that the need and demand are what generate the supply. A business won’t be convinced to buy a pen if they don’t need it. So first, make sure that your product is a necessity, resolves the conflict, and understands the goals of your buyers.







6 Effective Ways to Generate Leads



1.       Cold Emailing



2.       Cold Calling



3.       Networking



4.       Blogs & Publication



5.       Referrals & Influencers



6.       Brand Awareness in Social Media/ Events





The Most Promising And Effective Ways To Generate Leads



A simple way to define a lead is:  a lead is an entity with an interest in buying your product or using your service also known as a potential prospect that could be converted into a real buyer.



Your aim as a sales rep is to turn this lead into a customer, and not just an ordinary customer, a loyal one too.  



The sales cycle of a business while running a campaign is to obtain leads, convert them into contacts and associate a business deal and close it as a win.



However, they are several ways to achieve that depending on your business’ products and localization. To accomplish great results, you ought to combine at least three methods of the following.




1. Cold Emailing








With the great use of emails every day, cold emails constitute one of the most important sales strategies.



Emails are not only a way of making sales, they are also a process of education, brand promotions, and engagements with your customers.



Here, we give you some tips on how to maximize your chances of achieving a sale.



a. Pick Your Buyer Wisely



Before elaborating on a sale, you need to conduct your research, and do your homework on the targeted people or companies you are planning to send an email to. Ask yourself: are they the ideal customers for my product? Can they afford my services? Will this help them solve their problems? Get detailed and quality prospect information.



These questions will direct you to the right prospects who will buy your products, the best email finder tool will help you reach that.



b. Avoid Hitting The Spam



While creating an email, you must include a valid physical postal address, offer your recipients an easy way to unsubscribe, and don’t try to be misleading or deceptive otherwise, you will end up in their junk mail.



c. Warm up Your Cold Email 



Make sure to send emails gradually, intrigues your prospects using an attractive opening line, make your email less than 200 words, readable and meaningful, and write a catchy subject line that encourages the reciever to open and read your email. Brainstorm for new ideas and personalize a cold emailing.



d. Test and Interact



Always use two different A/B versions of cold emails and analyze the responses and results to know which one works the best. You should interact with your leads by asking questions in the emails. For example ‘’ Is that something you are interested in knowing more about ?’’


This will help them wonder and be persuaded to buy from you. Do you agree? 



e. Pick The Appropriate Sending Time



The statistics on choosing the best time to send an email are not exclusive, however, my best advice to you is to project it on yourself and choose your time accordingly. What is the best day and time during the week that you are more likely to read and respond to an email?




2. Cold Calling



When it comes to cold calling, using the right pitch is what helps your sell your products.



Remember, best salesmen ask questions to define the pain point of the customers, understand what is holding them back from buying and suggest solutions.



Note that the selling process is adaptive, you need to identify and learn to sell to the different typologies of customers. Here are some tips that will help you next time with your cold calling.




- You have to sound enthusiastic, use tones when calling people, and know that the impact of words to attract the buyer represents only 40% while tonality is high by 5%, the rest is for body language for 45%, the body language part will help you in case you are in a face to face business meeting.



- Use active and effective listening, your buyers need to know that you are listening to their words and needs, make sure to use grunts « Aha » or moans « hmm » while listening, this will guarantee your clients that you follow up with their ideas.



- Focus your sales efforts on the people who are most likely to buy, target decision-makers, leave an outstanding first impression, make promises, and learn how to handle objections.



- Guilt will not help you sell, don’t put your customers in this kind of situation because it doesn’t have an impact and it will never work.




3. Networking







Not giving your business the opportunity to network will result in direct failure. It will tremendously risk your visibility and presence as a company.



People must know about you and your business, and the only way to realize that is through socializing and mingling with people.



Networking will create a meaningful and deep relationship with people, it will also offer you endless opportunities that could help increase your revenue.



Creating connections is not only limited to social media, personal and face-to-face meet and greets are what leave a strong and great impression. You can reach out to people during events, expositions, or even at a coffee shop.



If you are a new business and you want to begin your networking journey, well get yourself out of the door now.




4. Blogs and Publications


Once you identified the sore spot of your customers, the best way to engage with them next is to educate them through attractive and relative content about what they need. By valuing those leads and helping them increase their knowledge you will definitely gain their trust.



Do you know how much content your customers see before engaging with your products and buying from you?



The answer to this question is 2 to 3 contents. To stand out make sure to deliver the best content they have ever seen with valuable information in it.



Post a blog that is concise, and targets your buyers' needs. Be genuine and make a human connection.


Corroborate your blog by telling a story, a story that states the conflicts understands the problem, and provides solutions. Stories are what help them make a decision and boost your sales.



Work on your content strategy to attract leads, engage with them and then delight them with your brand solutions. Finally, optimize your blog post for great visibility and reach.



5. Referrals and Influencers




A referral is an act of directing or referring someone or something to others. In the business world, it is commonly known as the word of mouth.



The word of mouth is what keeps your business’ weels strong, and generates new inputs to your sales funnel.



Besides offering the best service or products what encourages people to talk and refer to your website?



The best advice we can give here is to keep track of your customers’ needs,



- Engage with them, nurture their minds,



- Interview them if necessary to understand their goals and show them how your product can resolve their issues.



- Prioritize what matters for them and support that.




On the other hand, influencers are means of spreading the word, sharing your blogs, and mentioning your brand especially if their quotes or faces were included relating to a topic. It’s an effective way of broadening your sphere that eventually could guarantee you sales.




6. Brand Awareness in Social Media and Events







Facilitating communication, and sharing through multiple platforms will create brand awareness for your followers. Keep your customers updated about your latest news and assure them that you are always open to feedback.



Go live on social media and webinars, create podcasts and share your product videos, promote your brand on other websites and republish content there.



As always, it is a way of exchanging ideas, facilitating the learning process, and building a strong relationship with your customers.




Now it’s your time to generate and apply new ideas to pull new customers into your magnificent business. Learn to share!

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