How To Use Email Finder Tools & Email Verifier Tools To Improve List Quality


Launching a new product that doesn’t get much engagement is painful. 


When you create engaging content, only for it to bomb when you send it out to your email list, is  soul-destroying.


Even with a decent-sized email list, if you fail to follow some sound strategies and use the right tools – engagement is likely to be low.


Why does this happen?


In 9 out of 10 cases, it’s down to poor list quality.


In this guide, we’ll look at the reasons for poor list quality and how you can use email finder tools and email verifier tools to improve your results. 


Avoiding Poor Quality Email Lists

The main reason for poor quality email lists is that all too often they contain outdated or incorrect addresses. 


If this is the case, it doesn’t matter how good your marketing content is, you’re going to fail if it’s landing in inboxes that are no longer active.


Another problem that stems from this is your sender reputation can take a nosedive. If you’re sending emails to invalid addresses, there’s a good chance your email deliverability will be reduced by the servers.


So, what are the alternatives? 


Well, you can try to get active email addresses the old-fashioned way – a targeted outreach campaign. But this manual method is expensive and very time-consuming.


If you want to take a more cutting-edge approach that’s proven to get results, you can use email finder tools and email verification tools.


Find. Verify. Engage. Convert.

Most people follow a two step process when marketing their products by email – engage and convert.


If you want to be successful, you need to add two more steps: find and verify.


If you can find the right email addresses and verify that they’re active before you send out your engaging emails, then you’re more likely to convert into sales.


How can online tools help with this? Let’s take a closer look.

Email Finder Tools

Email finders are a game-changer for you and your team. In fact, anyone in marketing, sales, or business development will find them helpful.


So, what exactly are email finder tools? 


In simple terms, they're software tools designed to help you find email addresses of potential leads or professionals. They’re handy when you have a name or a company, but no way to contact the person directly.


The next question is – how do they work? Email finder tools typically use a variety of data sources and advanced algorithms to locate email addresses. They scour the internet, pulling data from public records, websites, and social media profiles, as well as other sources. Some more advanced tools even use AI and machine learning to predict email patterns and verify their accuracy.


Imagine this scenario: you meet a potential client, John Doe, from XYZ Corporation at a networking event. You don't get his email, but you want to follow up. You enter John's name and the company name into the email finder tool. The tool then processes this information and provides you with John’s professional email address, like


Here’s another scenario: you come across a key influencer in your industry while browsing through a LinkedIn post. The writer, Jane Smith, works at a company that aligns perfectly with your target market. You see an opportunity to pitch your services, but there's a catch – you don't have Jane's contact information, and she isn't directly connected to you on LinkedIn. 


No sweat. Simply enter Jane’s details into the email finder tool and it will search for patterns, cross-reference with publicly available data, and apply its algorithm to predict the most likely email format used by her company.


Email Verifier Tools

Once you've located an email address using a finder tool, the next critical step is to verify it. This is where email verifier tools come into play. They are designed to ensure that the email addresses you've collected are not just existent but are also active and capable of receiving your messages.

How Do Email Verifiers Work?

Email verifier tools work by checking each email address against several factors. This includes verifying the domain validity, checking if the email server is active, and sometimes even conducting a 'ping' test to the specific email address to ensure it's not just a dummy address set up for spam traps.


For instance, you've found Jane Smith's email using a finder tool. Before you send out your well-crafted pitch, you run her email through a verifier. The tool confirms that her email is active, the domain is valid, and the server is responsive. This means your email has a higher chance of landing in Jane's inbox and not bouncing back.


Why is Verification Important?

The importance of email verification cannot be overstated. Sending emails to invalid or inactive addresses can harm your sender reputation, which in turn affects your overall email deliverability. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) keep track of sending behaviors. A high bounce rate can flag your account and lead to your emails being marked as spam.


Improving Campaign Performance

Using an email verifier reduces the risk of sending to bad email addresses. This helps improve the overall performance of your email campaigns. You're ensuring that your resources are directed at leads that are more likely to actually engage and respond.


Incorporating both email finders and verifiers into your marketing strategy creates a powerful combination. 


First, you expand your list with relevant, potential contacts. Then, you refine this list to ensure maximum deliverability and engagement. Streamlining your marketing efforts in this way helps to focus your campaigns and make them more effective.


Email Finding and Verification In Action

Let's say you're launching a new fitness product and want to reach out to industry influencers.


With an email finder, you compile a list of potential contacts connected to well known online fitness publications. Then, using an email verifier, you ensure these contacts are valid. 


Now, when you launch your email campaign, you're confident that your messages will reach real, active inboxes leading to more engagement and, ultimately, conversions.


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