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Lead generation is a necessary procedure, for any business or individual that want to connect and grow their network. but it’s often a tedious process to go through.


Today, we are going to take a look at why traditional lead generation methods, aren’t a good approach anymore. then, we will take a look at how Minelead.io makes the process of lead generation, as easy as one can imagine.





Why Traditional Lead Generation is no longer easy and effective, and how Minelead.io is replacing it ?



Many methods have constantly been used, to acquire new customers or reach out to decision-makers. from paying for highly curated databases of email addresses to making a simple google search. no matter the method, everybody agrees that getting the contact information for the people who you want to reach out to is a hard thing to do. and its getting even harder with all the ads driven search results, and big tech trying to hog data all to its self, while keeping us “the consumer”, as a puppet for data collection. instead of giving us all-access, and free choice on what we see and how we see it.


Let’s face it, finding information isn’t as easy as it used to be. spammers from one side, and big tech from another, have destroyed the peaceful networking environment that the internet was all about, a few years back. data collection has made both businesses and individuals very careful with what they share. especially their contact information. do not get me wrong, it is still out there. but, whereas before we used to find it with a simple search query. today, information is hidden behind “sign up” processes and subscription plans. it’s either you pay, or you don’t get data. and that’s why we started Minelead.io.


Minelead allows users to find contact information, without having to spend hours searching the web. you access the Minelead.io website, you write a domain name, you get emails. and the best thing about it all, is that its FREE and UNLIMITED.





Lead Generation in Your Browser



Sometimes, typing a company domain name in a search bar and pressing “FIND EMAILS” can be tiring. so we started thinking of ways, to make lead generation even MORE easier. and that’s when the browser extension appeared.

With the Minelead.io browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox, you just open the extension, click a button, and get emails.

Let’s say that you’re an athlete or a talent manager, and you want sponsorship opportunities. you have always dreamed of getting a big sponsor, maybe Nike or Adidas. But you can’t get those sponsorships since no one knows who you are, because you haven’t built the necessary connections in the industry.


Well, this is where Minelead comes into play, and it’s easier than ever.


STEP 1 : Access the Nike.com website and open the Minelead browser extension




Finding Nike.com Emails using Minelead.io




STEP 2 : Click on Find Emails and Get the Results




Minelead Browser Extension’s Result




As you can clearly see, Minelead makes the hassle of doing lead generation a thing of the past. from now on, forget about tedious searches and disheartening results. install the Minelead browser extension, and enjoy the easiest and most reliable lead generation tool on the internet.

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