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Obtaining customers is the foundation of any business that wishes to ensure its development and economic survival. Commercial prospecting is the process of finding new customers. It’s the most important step in growing your business regardless of the size of your business. Because, unless you are in a niche market in which you are already known, it is only by commercial prospecting that you can increase your turnover If you are looking for prospects for your new business but you only know the names of a few companies in the field. No worries, Minelead.io takes care of the rest.




The main page of our website minelead.io


The main page of our website minelead.io





What is Minelead.io?


Our website presents itself as the solution of choice for an effective, precise, and modern marketing strategy. For the commercial development of your business, you will have to look for prospects, in other words, potential future customers. Traditional marketing techniques would require you to send spam emails without targeting. With Minelead.io, we offer you a more precise and targeted digital marketing approach, by finding e-mails from companies in your field.



How it works ?


First, type minelead.io in the search bar of your search engine. Then enter the URL of the website of the company you want to target. And that’s it. The site will tap into its database to find the contacts and emails for the company you’re looking for. If necessary, it will perform a real-time search in the various directories and resources to respond to your request. The solution offered by minelead.io is completely free and allows you to carry out your marketing campaign without having the wrong targets by giving you access to 250 contacts in total. Registration within the site will allow you to expand your contacts by giving you access to an unlimited list, with the possibility of exporting that to an Excel file.


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