Minelead.io vs. Hunter.io - Which one is better?





Minelead.io Vs Hunter.io




Do you want to use an email finder tool to find company emails and company professionals' emails? It's the most recent and best thing in professional online networking.




Finding investors, collaborators, or long-term alliances, as well as human resources outreaching, are all grounds for doing so.




It can assist you as a firm to acquire a lot of things in the long run, like better SERPs, collaborations that lead to larger monthly revenues, expanding the company to other services, human resources hiring a great employee from your competition, and so on.





What Is An Email Finder & What Does It Provide?


Minelead Vs Hunter


    1. Free Users Comparison


    2. Pro Vs Starter


    3. Business Vs Growth


    4. Enterprise Vs Pro


    5. Business Vs Business






What Is An Email Finder & What Does It Provide?




An email finder tool is a set of software that allows you to acquire all available professional emails on a website by typing the domain name into a simple search bar or by using a browser extension.



It's a lot easier than going through every page on a website, especially if you're looking for information across many domains. Simply click on our search bar or bulk page and sign up for our FREE subscription to receive 100 leads every month.




This provides you with essential contact information that you can utilize for B2B content marketing techniques or simply emailing the profession directly with your question. With the FREE subscription, Minelead.io provides 100 leads, a browser plugin, CSV exporting, and API access and usage.      



Minelead Vs Hunter



Minelead.io is not, however, the only email discovery tool on the market that provides business email finder services. So through this article, we will show you a comparison between Minelead.io and one of our competitors: Hunter.io 



Hold still and let’s dive into it!




1. Free Users Comparison



 Free comparison hunter



When it comes to the FREE subscription and other much lower pricing options for PAID subscriptions, we offer far more searches each month and other services than our primary competition Hunter.io.




As you know, they only provide 25 quality searches and 50 verifications, 75 credits all combined. Other features, such as CVS exporting, and bulk search, are only available with their subscription plans. With our FREE subscription, you may get them for free!




That's what sets us apart from the competition: the quality of our services and the prices we charge. We don't want to overcharge you as a customer, in fact, we want you to take advantage of most features at an affordable price.



When it comes to paid plans, ours are significantly less expensive! Take a look at our PRO, BUSINESS, and ENTERPRISE packages in comparison with their plans respectively.



2. Pro Vs Starter



Hunter comparison                               



For less than 20$ a month, you will have 2000 credits and infinite outcomes, where you can benefit from almost all features and products.




However, when it comes to hunter, you get almost the same credits at a higher price. Pro subscription was mainly created for start-ups and we understand their financial savings to grow their business, so we crafted a plan perfectly suitable for them.




3. Business Vs Growth



hunter alternatives



For what comes better to your business, we are able to offer you 100K of credits to keep your business running at high standards.



For the same price, hunter are only able to provide 7.5k of credits.



Using minelead business plan will give you the chance to save and gain a lot.



It will save you money from converting into a higher plan at hunter, as it will grant you the possibility to increase your sales by finding more leads.



This plan allows you to enjoy email finding and verifying. your business can also be integrated with our platform using API calls. It will be fully automated with your computer, where fewer personnel are included.




5. Enterprise Vs Pro



email finder alternatives



Through this comparison, you see clearly the difference between the credits you are allowed to conduct. Nevertheless, you still can take advantage of features that our competitor doesn't have a hand on it such as real-time search and personal email verification.



6. Business Vs Business