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E-commerce has grown tremendously in recent years. More and more sales are made on dedicated web platforms. To make internet users use search engines like Google or Amazon. That’s why a good SEO or SEO on these engines is an assurance of selling your product.


In this article, you will have some keys to understanding SEO. And have the keys to master it and improve your sales figures on web platforms.



SEO: definition

The different aspects of SEO


SEO: definition



Before entering the subject a little definition is needed. SEO is a set of techniques, implemented to improve the position of a website on SERPs.





Illustrations des différents aspects  du SEO





The different aspects of SEO



How does SEO help me make more sales?


There are three types of searches on the Google search engine:


Informational research: this is research done to find specific information. In the majority of cases, they are written in the form of a question.


Browsing searches: these are searches carried out by Internet users to access a website. Example: Facebook or 


Transactional searches: these are the ones that interest us the most. These are searches for a product or product type that are often associated with purchase intent. This is why it will be necessary to place your keywords in this category of research. The interest of SEO lies therefore in improving the indexing of your site. So to make sales it will be necessary:


  • Aiming for particular niches
  • Appear as high as possible on a niche that you are aiming for


Some tips to improve the indexation of your site:


  • Improve the use of your HTML tags, examples, etc.
  • The use of internal and external links.
  • Improve the conversion rate of your site
  • Improve the look of your website and its loading time.


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