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What’s a Good Alternative to Snov.io ? have you ever tried minelead.io ?


Email is the focus of many businesses’ marketing efforts. It makes sense to use email because, well, everybody has it :

Beyond its ubiquity, email marketing is scalable, effective, and reasonably easy to implement. And, it has the potential to drive tremendous ROI; according to research, email marketing delivers an average return-on-investment of $44 for every $1 spent.


Email prospecting gives you a way to increase your visibility with these email-checking consumers. Rather than cold calling one potential contact at a time, you can send emails and start the communication process with multiple prospects at the same time.


However, before you can send emails, you need to be able to access accurate email addresses for high-potential prospects. There are costs that come along with collecting and maintaining good email lists; it takes time and money to ensure a healthy list.


  • Email data decays quickly because people move from company to company, or because they’re no longer interested in receiving communications. It’s estimated that data decays at a rate of about 2% per month. That means almost one-fourth of your email list is outdated by the time a year passes.
  • Maintaining lists manually takes time. You have to be willing to scrutinize your database to purge duplicates and miskeyed addresses, remove unsubscribers, and delete those with websites/companies that are no longer functional.
  • Even with a clean list, you still have to dedicate time to growing it. After all, at a 20% rate of decay, if you don’t search out new prospects, you won’t have an email list at all in just a few years.

Email prospecting tools such as Snov.io are used to find and verify emails. Snov.io allows users to search domains for potential email addresses, clean email lists and set up email drip campaigns.


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