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Up to 87% of sales are made online which shows that business marketing mainly exists on the world wide web. Almost every company or small business has a website. After all, if the majority of sales are made online then how would a company become successful without one? That being said, there is one vital ingredient to selling your business, and that ingredient comes in the form of a content writer. But can’t anyone write the content for a website? The answer to that is yes! Anyone can write the content for a website, but not everyone can write in a way that leaves a markable impression on potential customers. Content must be written in a way that is compelling, sophisticated, and convincing. But it doesn’t end there, and it goes much deeper than you might imagine. Content writers don’t simply write out articles or product descriptions in a provocative manner, they rely on analyzing the current trends and producing similar content without plagiarizing. They must come up with original work, but their work must still fall within the trending categories of content. Google has become like a vicious battle between various websites and articles fighting their way to the top of the list. But how do they get to the top of a search engine?







A good content writer will know that the difference between an eye-catching blog, or a generic one is the readability of the title. When people scan the internet for information, they generally want to read something simple yet informative, which gives them the facts without them having to trudge through thousands of dull words. Simple, snappy titles receive far many more clicks than long, overly complicated ones. We live in a time where information is thrown at us from every angle, and so most of us attempt to filter out anything which isn’t completely necessary. Even our email inboxes are constantly inundated with large quantities of new emails, but do we ever read them all? Of course not. Research suggests that most people only open emails that stand out to them. Perhaps an email of importance takes priority, for example, an email from our employer, or friend. But once we have read the important emails how do we select which ones we will bother reading next?



Well, it all leads back to the title. An eye-catching, provocative title just can’t be resisted. We live in a time where we crave a quick fix of something to fulfill our needs for sustainable happiness. A juicy title might just contain that very sweet, mood-lifting information we crave for. Potential customers are looking for easy-to-read content that doesn’t require much of their time or brainpower. A good content writer will use tools such as Buzzsumo.com to analyze trending article titles or keywords. They will also understand how to develop their voice which is specific to the type of audience that they are targeting. The first thing you should ever ask your content writer is, ‘How important is a title?’ If they tell you that a title is just a title, then sack them!



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