Why search for email leads with a single search when you can do email bulk searches?

Single email searches have their purpose but when you are looking to find a high number of email leads – bulk email searching is the way to go. With Minelead.io you will get instant and real time email findings.


You can then use these email findings to create spectacular email marketing campaigns or simply use them to individually reach out and make business email connections. It’s the way of the past and the way of the future. Without business connections or leads your business will stagnate and won’t improve in any shape or form.

However, with the right lead contacts and prospects you can make huge leaps in the business world and gain more profit from your business. Get investors, partners, or employees with our bulk email finder tool – Minelead.io and thrive business-wise.

Why it’s important to use the bulk option and upgrade to the PRO account or Business account.

  1. Time saved

With the bulk email finder tool you can save a whole lot of time. You can skip website visiting each domain or single domain searches and do bulk searches. You will have more time to create email marketing campaigns, improve your product or software, gain more customers, and simply focus on your business by brainstorming.

You can also save personal time and dedicate yourself more to your hobbies, travels, partner, or family. It’s valuable time that you can’t get back if you spend too much time visiting tens or hundreds of websites.

With Minelead.io you can either type each domain or upload a text or CVS file with each domain in a row. The tool will search in real time and provide you with a list of email results for every single domain you have searched.


  1. Easy to use

With Minelead.io’s bulk email finder option you can do fast searches instead of slow annoying single searches. It will increase your productivity and provide you with real time findings that you can use to find prospects. This eases the process of finding emails associated with businesses and help you quickly start thinking about email campaigns and cold emailing.

If you have an assistant it will be easy to explain to them how to do bulk email searches. You will get to focus on your company and ways to improve it and thus take it to the next level. The bulk email finder tool is easy for anyone to use!

With Minelead.io you or other employees can easily and quickly do email searches that will send you in the future or marketing, business connections and business profits. It’s an all-around tool that helps businesses prosper and better themselves with each passing day.

Don’t miss out on the great opportunity that is the bulk email finder option. Stop wasting time and do fast searches yourself or other employees and take your business to higher grounds. It’s easy to use for everyone and provides real time findings. This means that we don’t use old databases to uncover emails but our tool does live searches and offers live findings.

Each email finding also comes with a status that tells of the validity of that specific email. This way you can trust that the emails you will send out will reach a real person’s email box. No time wasted on false emails.

If you too want to take your business to the next level sign up today!

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