Are you on the hunt for the best email finder tool? You’re a dime a dozen and one of many. Many people are searching for the same thing with how many email finder tools there are out there.

However, there can only be one categorized as the best. And we’re not too proud to state we are the best email finder tool that you can come across. We think we are beating our main competitor, and another popular tool, by miles and miles.


Why? Our prices are better and our services are better – what’s more to it than that? Let's see how we win over them. 


Free Monthly Searches

Email finder tools usually, just like us and, offer a free number of searches per month for their FREE accounts and unlimited searches for paid accounts. However, these number of searches is different for each tool.

For example, and here we stand proudly again with our 100 searches per month availability for our FREE account. Our main competitor offers only half of that – 50 free searches per month. And their results are not better than ours by any chance.


Real Time Searches

What makes us very different from many email finder tools, and makes us one of the best email finder tools, is finding results in real time. We don’t look in old saved-up databases, instead we scour the internet in real time and provide accurate real time results.

This way you can rest assured knowing that the emails you find are top-notch in terms of validity. You won’t be sending out any emails to people who don’t exist or to emails that are expired. This gives you a higher chance of succeeding with your email campaign as you reach more people – in real time!


The Search Engine’s Power

On top of free monthly searches and real time findings, our platform’s search engine is a powerful and mighty one. It works fast and provides all the emails it can for one search or bulk search. It doesn’t leave out any emails from a website or more websites.

With a powerful search engine you get more emails for your lead conversion campaigns. Other email finder tools such as don’t provide such an accurate list of emails. This means less email connections to generate conversions, find investors, business partners of even hires.


Bulk Searches & Findings

Another great option that most email finder tools have is a bulk finding option. Instead of doing just one website search for emails you do a whole bulk of them. Now most tools don’t have the power to do real time valid searches in bulk and provide measly results.

However, our has both the power and real time option to provide accurate valid email results.  This way you get dozens of results from our bulk email searching instead of just a few here and there. Your email marketing campaigns will appreciate this great powerful bulk option as you will find a high number of leads.




If we want to admit it or not prices matter to us, and they should. Especially if you are a business person who knows how important money is to a business. You don’t want to be spending money aimlessly and you want to make good investments.

Most email finder tools have FREE unpaid and PRO paid options, and so do we and However, our prices are very different. Our PRO accounts come at wildly low prices such as $8,33 for the simple PRO account and $83,33 for our Business account and this makes us one of the best email finder tools out there. Hunter’io’s prices are overwhelmingly more – with $43 for their lowest PRO account and $399 for their Enterprise option.

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