Ways To Do an Email Address Lookup With Minelead.io


Using an email address lookup tool is highly efficient when searching for company emails and their employee’s emails. There’s really no better tool out there. 


You can find out all the emails published on a website with a simple click, instead of going through every single page hoping to find one more email than the one on the contact us page. 


With an email address lookup tool you can find potential investors, collaborators, partners, and even friendships or romantic relationships. 



Yes, whois to say you might not find the love of your life through such a tool? Many times, professional relationships can turn romantic and we mean life-long marriage, not sexual lawsuit romantic. 


At Minelead.io we offer several ways for you to search for company emails or for professional emails. 


‘Finder’ Search Bar Email Address Lookup


The first is with our ‘Finder’ search bar - where you simply put in the domain name of the company and ‘voilà’ - you have all the professional emails posted on that domain. No need to go through an endless user journey through the entire website. You have all the emails right there showing up.



As you can see two emails showed up for nhs.uk out of which one is blurred out and available only with our PRO subscription. But, don’t worry there are plenty of emails you can find with the FREE plan as well. 


You can check every and all emails that you find through our search bar in the verifier tool. And it comes with several bits of information as well - in this case, we can only know it’s a professional email. 


With Minelead.io the services don’t end here - we have several other ways to get to a company’s email addresses. One better than the other, and some work better in some situations while others work better in other situations. 


‘Bulk’ Email Address Lookup


With the PRO plan, you will also get the bulk search - this is one of our favorites. You can add as many domain names as you want and get the emails for each and every one of them.

No need to wait and search for each one in particular, simply add them in bulk and get the email addresses back in bulk. 

What’s great is that we think of it all - you’ll need that bulk information in a way that’s accessible on your device as well, which is why we have a CSV exporting tool so you can extract the bulk information or even just a simple ‘finder’ search information. 


Minelead.io, an email address lookup tool, also has a Chrome and Mozilla extension tool. With this one you can be on a website or on a domain, and simply click on the extension and Minelead.io will look up all the professional addresses on the website.



It’s easy and quick. 


API & Collection Email Address Lookup


We also have an API that you can integrate into your website which you’ll find useful and several scenarios. On top of this, you can save emails that you find and want to keep, without doing a CVS export, in our Collection part of the tool. 




This way you have quick access to your favorite email addresses which you might want to use on the spot, or later on.

If Minelead.io seems appealing to you try our FREE plan, it costs you nothing and gives you almost everything. 

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