Ways To Do an Email Address Lookup With Minelead.io






When looking for company emails and employee emails, using an email address lookup tool is extremely helpful. As it can provide you with numerous benefits that will help your business grow in a progressive manner.



The idea behind using such tools is that it saves time and money, as we believe that finding leads and new prospects for your business can be time-consuming and costly.





Real-Time Domain Email Address Lookup


Email Address Finder


Real-Time Bulk Email Lookup


Chrome Extension Email Lookup & Firefox Addons


API Email Address Lookup




So instead of going through every single page hoping to find one more email than the one on the contact us page, you can find all of the emails published on a website with a single click.




You can identify possible investors, collaborators, and partners, that can turn into a long-lasting relationship with an email address lookup tool.




Minelead.io provides numerous options for searching for company or professional emails using different products.



Real-Time Domain Email Address Lookup




Upon your request, we search the internet in real-time and provide a mix of emails from our own database and newly acquired emails online.



People are frequently surprised by the high quality of real-time email search results.



What is the reason for this? Because it appears at just the perfect time when you require it.



The most significant feature is that it is really simple to use.



How It Works?






Simply type the company's domain name into the search bar, and 'voila' - all of the company's professional emails appear.



There's no need to continue on a never-ending user journey around the entire website. You can see all of your emails in one place.



Most people believe that email addresses are only found on the company’s website.



This is actually wrong. Let me tell you why?



Let’s just say you work within a marketing company. One of your approaches to growing your business exposure is guest posting, and it happened that you reached a company within your niche after using email address lookup and pitched your most attractive titles to cover marketing in different aspects, and your blog was accepted after all and published within a different website.



Giving a bio about the content writer at the bottom of the article, your email address was displayed for others to contact you if they have any questions regarding your blog.



Now, since your email address is shown on another website, what chances will you find this email address going through millions of online webistes?



Well, to tackle this issue, we are happy to let you know that your chances will increase by 98% if you had 2% to find that email by using the email hunter.



The tool scans the entire net to find you that accurate email to add to your lead list.



Isn’t it amazing how this works?



You can use the search bar in the email verifier tool to check all of the emails you found. It also includes numerous pieces of information, such as the fact whether it is a valid professional email or not.



You will have more details as well provided about the email address verification, giving you the chance to best judge if it is worth emailing or not, in case you want to avoid bounced emails of course.



Minelead.io's services don't stop there, we offer a number of alternative options for getting to a company's email addresses. It depends on how much information you already have.



Email Address Finder






Another fantastic function we recently implemented is the ability to look up an email address using both the name and the domain name.




If you're looking for a certain individual in a specific organization, the email address finder can help you quickly.




How Does it Work?




It's as simple as eating a slice of cake.




You'll need two pieces of information for this: the person's full name and the company's domain name.



All you have to do is type these details into our search field, and the system will provide a confirmed email address for the individual.




You should be aware that we only display verified emails; any emails where the website accepts all addresses, or emails that are not verified or do not exist will not be displayed.




Real-Time Bulk Email Lookup






Bulk services are one of the most effective ways to obtain email addresses. As the phrase implies, amassing a large number of email addresses all at once and in a short period of time.




Bulk search is also available with minelead.io, which is one of our favorites. You can add as many domain names as you want, and you'll receive hundreds if not thousands of emails for each one.


There's no need to wait and look for each one individually, simply add them all in bulk and receive the email addresses. There are many options to specify the emails you want, you can either turn the real-time search to get newly added emails and/or get only the top 3 or top 10 mostly verified ones.



What's nice is that we consider everything you may desire - you'll need that bulk information in a format that's accessible on your device, which is why we offer a CSV exporting option so you can save it for later use.




Chrome Extension Email Lookup & Firefox Addons




If you believe we are confined to the prior offerings, I am sorry to inform you that you are incorrect.



We are pleased to supply not only the chrome extension email address lookup but also the firefox addons to meet the needs of our clients.




Because people use different browsers, we've adjusted the email lookup in two browsers to guarantee that everyone gets the most out of the service.




You may browse any website or a domain using the Chrome and Mozilla extension tools and still find emails associated with the domain.




How Does It Work?


To use Minelead.io browser extension, first, install the chrome extension or firefox addons, then log in to your account, go to any website, and just click on the extension. Minelead.io will look for all of the professional addresses on the site.



You can export the email addresses identified at the end of the search or add specific ones to your lead collection to utilize later.



It's simple and quick to do. Isn't that so?



API Email Address Lookup



Last but not least, the API email address lookup.



Why has this been created?



Because we care about you, as always!



We understand that you already have a business and that you want to save time, so why don't you generate emails automatically, with no human intervention?



That's fantastic, right?



Your website or any platform that supports API processes can use the API access key. The API capability will come in handy in a variety of situations.



You can also store emails that you find and wish to save without having to complete a CVS export or saving them on your collection side.



This gives you rapid access to your favorite email addresses, which you may need right away or later.






Now you know that there are great ways to find professional email addresses, which one do you prefer and believe suits your business?  



If Minelead.io appeals good fit to you, check our FREE plan, it won’t cost you a dime and includes practically everything.


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