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Are you looking for the best email finder tool? You're one of many who are facing the same difficulty. With several email discovery tools available online, a lot of individuals are searching for the best quality at an affordable price.



Only a few, though, may be considered the best. We have been able to outperform numerous of our competitors' thanks to our amazing team and hardworking team.




How? We were able to progress and create a solid foundation platform that delivers consistent and reliable outcomes to you. Not only that, but we ensure the optimum user experience with our cutting-edge technologies. We are delighted to share our commitment to quality and simplicity with our customers.







Free Monthly Searches


Real Time Domain Finder


The Search Engine’s Power


Bulk Searches & Findings








Free Monthly Searches




Free email address finder




The email finder free tool, normally provide you a certain number of searches per month for free and limited searches for paid accounts. However, the number of searches varies depending on the tool.



For instance, with our FREE account, users have the extend to 100 credits each month. Other tools mostly provide fewer credits with limited features for their free users.



If we take for example, they provide 75 credits each month combining both email search and verification.



On the other hand, only offers 50 credits each month.



How much your business will need to test before purchasing a paid plan?



Real-Time Domain Finder




Finding results in real-time distinguishes us from many other email finder tools, and makes us one of the top email finder tools. Instead of relying only on our databases, we search the internet in real-time and deliver precise real-time results.



This way, you can rest assured that the emails you find are of the highest quality in terms of validity. You will not send emails to people who do not exist or to emails that are no longer valid. As a result, you'll have a better chance of succeeding with your email campaign because you'll be able to reach out to more people - in real-time!



And it doesn't end here; if you already have an email list and you are preparing to deliver your sales pitch to the appropriate individuals you've chosen eventually, you'll want to improve your chances of reaching their inboxes, right? As a result, make use of the email verifier. It provides you with more information about the email addresses you've picked for the most effective engagement.



The Search Engine’s Power



Our platform is a robust and mighty tool, with free monthly searches and real-time results. It is quick to respond and delivers all of the emails it can for a single or bulk search. It finds emails from multiple websites in a short period of time.




You'll obtain more emails for your lead conversion campaigns if you use a powerful domain search. With this accurate collection of email addresses, you'll be able to make more high-quality email interactions to produce conversions, locate investors, and business partners, and even hire workers.




Bulk Searches & Findings





Bulk email finder




Most email address lookup tool also has a bulk search option, which is a fantastic feature.



Instead of conducting a single online search for emails, you conduct a large number of them.



Most technologies now lack the ability to perform bulk legitimate searches in real-time and deliver meager results.




Our, on the other hand, has both the power and the ability to produce accurate genuine email results in real-time.



Instead of just a few, you'll obtain thousands of results from our bulk email search this way.



Because you will find a large number of leads, your email marketing campaigns will benefit from this fantastic effective bulk solution.







Money, money, your favorite subject!



Prices matter to us, whether we want to accept them or not, and they should matter to you too. Especially if you are a business person who understands the value of money. You don't want to waste money, right?  instead, want to make smart investments.




We, like most email finder tools, offer both free and paid options. Our pricing, on the other hand, is vastly different from others. Our PRO accounts start at $19 for 2k credits and outstanding features, $99 for 100k credits and extra features, and $299 for the enterprise account, which guarantees you infinite credits, unlimited results, and all accessible features.



Minelead pricing






Email marketing undoubtedly necessitates the use of domain finder solutions. It aids in the simplification, acceleration, and optimization of the overall lead generation process. is one of the greatest solutions available today for all tools since it provides a lot of functionality and good value for money. However, the final selection should be made based on your specific business needs.



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