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It can be difficult and perplexing to select the best email lookup tool. Not though, when given the proper knowledge. The platform of our biggest rival,, as well as, will be compared and contrasted in this post.




There are many things about us that are comparable, such as a domain finder option, an email verification, a chrome extension, and an API, but there are also many things that are different. We'll examine the platforms' support for how many languages, cost, the strength of the email finding tool, and real-time searches.



Even if you simply utilize the FREE account, the above details should be kept in mind while selecting an email lookup tool. By the way, gives both FREE and paid users access to the same products. The only difference is the number of searches you are permitted to conduct in a given period of time, which indicates a time restriction and search limit. However, all of the other advantages that our paid users enjoy are also available to our FREE users.







1. Free Searches


2. Pricing


3. Powerful Finder & Verifier


4. Real-Time Searches


5. Supported Languages




When considering the best email lookup tool, let's delve more into the differences between and



1. Free Searches



The number of free searches you may conduct in a month is one of the first contrasts between and This is important because there are limits to the number of searches available if you merely want to test the platform with a FREE account.



To get right to the point, only gives 25 free searches per month, compared to's 100 free searches per month with its FREE account. That adds 75 more searches to our website Even though it might not seem like much, when you consider how many leads and business connections you could potentially generate that would help your company succeed, it's quite a deal.     




2. Pricing





If you opt to upgrade from an email lookup tool's FREE version, the costs for the paid accounts are quite crucial. You don't want to waste this money by not using it. It's money that you could spend on the products or services offered by your company, or even on email marketing. That could add value to your business when fully combined with an email finder tool.



Compared to's four paid plans, offers 3 paid options. Although it would appear that this is a gloomy image for, it isn't. Because we created the plans exclusively for you to fit your budget, our Premium packages are cheaper to meet your needs depending on the size of your company.



With, you can get a pro account for just 19 USD, which grants you 2,000 credits for monthly use, a business account for 99 USD per month, which offers the best services and 100k credits, and an enterprise account for 299 USD, that also provides a complete set of all features and products with unlimited credits.



The initial beginning account, on the other hand, costs 49 USD per month with just 1500 credits when you visit the pricing home page for, while their business version costs 399 USD per month and only provides 90k credits.

Here is a brief comparison of the two costs.



 Minelead’s Pricing                                           Vs                                  Hunter’s Pricing


Minelead’s Pricing & Credits

Hunter’s Pricing & Credits

Free Account: 100 Credits0$

Free Account: 75 Credits 0$

Pro: 2000 Credits19$ per month

Starter: 1500 Credits 49$ per month

Business: 100 K Credits99$ per month

Growth: 7.5K Credits99$ per month

Enterprise: Unlimited Credits299 $ per month.

Pro: 30K Credits199$ per month

Save up to 300$ with 

Business: 90K399$ per month















3. Powerful Email Revealer & Verifier



When it comes to the greatest email lookup tool, stands out from the competition due to the strength of its finder and email verifier. For both small and large websites, we can offer much more highly precise results.



As a result, you have more power because you can access more emails and launch your marketing campaigns. More emails translate into more prospects, more business relationships, and ultimately, more revenue.



We believe in transparency because all of our emails are totally accessible online and we can share a large number of them. Our main objective is to deliver superior outcomes that will make you successful.



4. Real-Time Searches



Many email hunting solutions offer searches from their database or from online old databases rather than real-time searches and results.'s robust finder allows real-time searches, increasing the number of reliable emails you can use without risk.




As you won't waste time on out-of-date emails and lists, this works well for your email marketing campaigns, cold emailing, or forging new business relationships.



5. Supported Languages

 offers more supported languages, including Spanish, German, and even Chinese, in comparison to other email lookup tools like You can access foreign websites and emails in this way, expanding your business even more.







Now you have all this information in hand, which one do you believe is the best email lookup tool.



If you are not convinced yet, please take a look at these two other full comparisons of the tools. vs. - Which one is better?

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