Minelead.io vs. Hunter.io - Which one is better?


Are you interested in finding company emails and company professionals’ emails with an email finder tool? It’s the newest thing in online networking between professionals.

The reasons for doing this can vary from finding investors, collaborators or long-term partnerships, or even human resources scouting.

It can help a company gain so many things in the long term - better SERPs, collaborations that lead to higher monthly profits, expanding the company to other services as well, human resource scouting that means stealing some fantastic employees from your competitors, and more. 


An email finder tool is software where with a simple search bar where you add the domain name of a website or through a browser extension you get all available professional emails on the specific website.


Much easier than searching through every page that a website has, and especially if you want to search various and multiple domains. This way you just go to our search bar or bulk page and get 100 leads per month with our FREE subscription. 



This way you get access to valuable contact information to use for B2B content marketing strategies or simply directly emailing the profession with your query. Minelead.io offers various services with the FREE subscription such as 100 leads, browser extension, CSV exporting, and API access and usage. 




However, we here at Minelead.io are not the only email finder tool on the market offering business email finder services. We’re not that arrogant to think so. However, we do offer many more searches per month and other services as our main competitor Hunter.io when it comes to the FREE subscription and other much lower pricing plans for PAID plans. 


As you can see they only offer 50 searches and 50 verifications of the same quality. They only offer other services such as API for developers and CVS exporting only with their paid plans. We offer them for free with our FREE subscription! 


That’s what differentiates us from our competitors - the quality of our services and the pricing we offer them at. We don’t want to overcharge or take advantage of our clients, that’s easy to do. It’s easy to fool others into paying way too much for services of the same quality or higher quality for less pay. 


When it comes to paid plans our plans are much more affordable! Let’s have a look at our PRO and BUSINESS plans. 



We have 5000 leads and unlimited results for less than 9 USD per month! and for the Business plan less than 99 USD per month. Our main competitor has humongous prices for their PRO and BUSINESS plans such as:




Their PRO subscription with just double the searches comes at a much higher price - we offer it for less than 9 USD (5000 leads) and they ask close to 200 euros for 10,000 leads (or searches as we also call them).


The list can continue and you can see from the images the main differences between the pricing plans between us and our main competitor Hunter.io - who seems to be taking advantage of their clients by overcharging them. 


Find out more about our plans and services by signing up to our free email finder subscription. From there you can decide if you need or don’t need a paid plan. 


Sign up today!



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