13 Best Tools For Lead Generation In 2022 (Benefits & Pricing)





Wouldn't it be great if you could contact promising leads as soon as you run across them?



Prospecting for sales manually diverts attention from other revenue-generating sales activities. The lead-generating workflow is facilitated and fine-tuned by combined lead generation software. It enables your team to create campaigns that generate higher-quality lead conversion. 



In this blog, we've prepared a list of the finest lead generation tools, together with their pricing, and benefits, to help you pick the right one for your organization.







What is Lead Generation


1. Best Email Finder Tools


2. Best Linkedin Lead Generation Tools


3. Website Personalization Tools


4. Best CRM Tools


5. Best Email Marketing Tools


6. Best Sales Acceleration Tools






What is Lead Generation?



Lead generation entails gathering information about a potential client — such as full name, professional email address, company name, and job title — and using that data to target them with tailored sales pitches or banner advertising.



Lead Generation is laid at the peak of the sales funnel, and it usually involves obtaining leads through internet channels such as website landing pages, emails, and social media platforms, and gathering contact information from those who have expressed interest in your product or service through these channels.



As a result, you'll be able to promote them more effectively. More quality leads result from more targeted marketing approaches, which translates to more successful purchases.



If your goal is to kick-start your business and increase your lead generation efforts, this guide is tailored with useful resources.



The tools in the following guide are all lead-generating tools, but they differ in what they offer as a service. For best results, it is recommended that you employ at least two of them, depending on your company's aims and objectives.



1. Best Email Finder Tools










Minelead is one of the most powerful and advanced email hunter tools on the market, they provide all customers with completely free email lookup software, as well as other optional services that make the email search experience much more delightful, at significantly lower pricing than anything else online.



You can get up to thousands of emails in seconds with the real-time email finder. The service also offers an email verification option to validate the quality of your email addresses, professional email look-up, real-time bulk service for the above products, chrome extension, and firefox addons as well as the API and third-party integrations.






  • A freemium plan includes 100 credits per month.


  • Pro subscription provides 2000 monthly credits for $19.


  • The Business plan offers 100,000 monthly credits for $99.


  • The Enterprise version offers unlimited credits for $299.







This popular and easy-to-use email discovery tool is included in the Hunter.io lead creation platform, which also offers the Email Verifier, Bulk Finder, API, and Chrome Extension. It allows you to easily search for emails from company domains.






  • A freemium plan provides 75 credits per month.


  • Starter plan: 1500 monthly credits for $49.


  • Growth plan: 7,500 monthly credits for $99.


  • Pro subscription: 30,000 monthly credits for $199.


  • Business Subscription: 90,000 monthly requests for $399.




2. Best Linkedin Lead Generation Tool




Linkedin Sales Navigator






For salespeople, Sales Navigator is the best version of LinkedIn. It comes with a robust set of search tools, enhanced insight into broader connections, and tailored algorithms to help you contact the right decision-maker at the right moment.






  • The Core plan stands for $79.99 a month.


  • The Advanced plan paid monthly for $125.


  • The Advanced Plus plan is a customized plan where you have to contact them for a quote.







To produce business leads, marketing audiences, and overall growth, chain actions and data extraction on the web are used by Phantombuster. It helps you scrape all of the information available on LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn company pages, including email addresses, and send invitations with a personalized message to a list of LinkedIn users automatically.





  • Free trial for 14 days.


  • The Starter plan begins at 59$ per month with 20h/month and 5 slots.


  • Pro plan with 80h/month and 15 slots for $139 monthly.


  • The Team plan for $399 includes 300h/month and 50 slots with other features.


  • It comes with email credits bonuses that start from 50 email credits to 10 000 email credits for the team plan.



3. Website Personalization Tools











Convertpath is a lead generation tool that helps you get more clients by using targeted personalization rules based on their behavior on your website. It considers previous experiences with your website while tailoring your website content to deliver a customized solution for each user, assists your customers to get the most out of your SaaS apps and mobile applications, makes the onboarding process personal, and uses high-impact personalized popups to convert website visitors into clients with ease.






  • Free for 10 users Get Access To 39+ Apps with Multiple Integrations.


  • The cloud plan is $14.99 covering 39 apps with no features caps


  • For the Hosted subscription it provides 39 apps, servers, the highest compliance, and 100+ users, you need to request pricing.




Visitor Queue



Visitor Queue is a B2B lead generation software to keep an eye on. It recognizes the name, contact information, and user information of companies that visit your website, providing you with valuable data about your leads.






  • Free trial for 14 days.


  • 100 Unique companies for $49/month.


  • 300 Unique companies for $99/month.


  • 500 Unique companies for $119/month.


  • 1000 Unique companies for $209/month.


  • 2000 Unique companies at $309/month.