How to get company email addresses and why it's important for your business.







Quick Acces to the right people is the key to success



        Since the beginning of the internet, email has dominated online communication. Many methods have appeared throughout the years from IRC chat rooms to forums and now social media. But, email remains the leader in online identification and communication. 



        Today, many companies are using their own email service, Unlike normal internet users that create or emails, Companies are using emails for their employees and/or services. Therefore, it has become easier to identify and communicate with companies online. Facebook for example uses, and you can send Mark Zuckerberg an email at



        This trend of using special emails for company employees doesn't only appear in tech companies but in companies from different industries and domains. From retail to education, it has become a priority for businesses to get their own domain name and create a presence online. This presence isn't just beneficial for the businesses but for you as well. Now, you can access or target businesses, their separate departments, and specific employees, without having to go through different channels that may take forever. Communication has become much easier and much more accurate and productive.



        Now, the question that asks itself is `How can I get company email addresses`, and the answer is using an email finding service like Minelead.





Why and How to use an email finding service ?



        According to Benjamin Franklin, Death and Taxes are the two things that one can never escape. While there is nothing you can do about Death, There are accounting companies that can handle taxes for you. So, you go to and you search for Accounting services.






        The first result is `H&R Block` so you naturally click it and open their website.







        Unfortunately, no contact information is available on their front page. You have no time to search for it on the website either. But, no worries, the Minelead browser extension to the rescue.


        After it's installed in your favorite browser, either chrome or firefox, you can click on the Minelead icon and you'll get not only a sure to work contact method for contacting the company. But, all the available emails of the different employees and departments of that company, which will allow you to save time by contacting the right people and the correct company department without going through long lines and waste time and money.










Build lists and target the right people !




        With Minelead you can favorite emails and create your own collection. Later, you can filter and segment your favorite emails in order to build specialized lists for different purposes.  








Business solutions for business needs.




        Are you a more advanced user ? maybe you're into email marketing or market research. With Minelead, you can get company email addresses for multiple domains at once, export them, and create email campaigns much easier than before. 








        We have only scratched the surface. Sign up and find out what has to offer.

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