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Minelead's zapier Integration




We provide a free Zapier integration that connects Minelead to plus 3000 software and tools.



Minelead can be linked to another app using Zapier in only two steps:




1. Triggers




The zap will be set off by Minelead trigger, which is a specific condition. The data connected to this condition can be used to carry out an action in another app, such as adding a lead to a CRM. New Lead is the trigger you'll be looking for in Zapier.




2. Actions




Your Minelead account will not be updated as a result of this action. However, the app you are choosing to be integrated with Minelead via Zapier will be updated. You could, for instance, add a row to google sheets each time a lead is added to your Minelead leads collections.




Depending on the application you are integrating with via Zapier, actions will be created, for example, in Google Sheets, you could create Spreadsheet Row(s), Create Spreadsheet Column, Copy Worksheet, and so on.






Create a Zap With Minelead Triggers


Add New Leads to Google Sheets


Find The Email Address




Create a Zap With Minelead Triggers




As was already stated, triggers are activities on your Minelead account that cause your zap to use it. To continuously sync another application is helpful.



Updating the leads in your preferred CRM or Google Sheets are two possible trigger uses.



Although there are numerous applications for the trigger, we will focus on one case study in this article.



Add New Minelead Leads to Google Sheets 



You can click the Create Zap button while logged into your Zapier account to help you integrate Minelead with your preferred tool.



The trigger is the first step; it is an event that initiates your zap. There, you can use the search bar to look for Minelead.




Minelead in Zapier




After adding it, select New Lead on the event. You can transfer your newly added leads from Minelead's list to your favorite app or tool by doing this action.



New lead in Minelead




Next, use your API key to connect to your Minelead account. When you click on your profile in Minelead, go to your account information to find your personal API key. To proceed, select Yes.




Minelead API




In order to make sure that the right account is linked and your trigger is configured properly, Zapier will go through recent leads in your Minelead account. To test the zap, be sure to have new leads saved already in your list.



You may now review all the data associated with the imported lead using Zapier. To continue, click the Continue button.



You will be taken to the action step as soon as you click proceed. A zap performs this step after it has begun.



Integrate minelead




Select the Google sheets app event.



Click Continue after selecting the Create Spreadsheet Row(s) action event.



Log in to Google and create a Google Sheet with the following columns:



I.D. number


Leads or Email








You can rename the above information, however, you need to associate them with the correct details to get the right results.



Select the relevant Minelead data for each relevant Google Sheets to lead information.



Minelead google sheets



When your zap is ready, switch it on after testing it.




You are now prepared to start updating your Google sheets with your searches and verified leads from Minelead.




Now let’s see an example of how this zap works and its results.




Find The Email Address of a New Neil Patel Contact




You must perform a search in your Minelead account in order to add a new contact to your google sheets with certain attributes (such the ID number, email address, etc.) that you can utilize in your marketing campaign, for example.



If you want to contact customers via email, you can use for massive email collection. Let’s take Neil Patel's example.


While searching emails from to find emails associated with a domain, they will appear after you stop typing. By selecting the heart button to indicate your preference for a contact, you can then create your leads list.




find email address of Neil Patel




Now check your Google Sheets one more time because the list has been updated with the latest leads from Minelead.




Google sheets leads from minelead




Zapier Integration With Minelead Conclusion




Once you've completed all of these processes, your team is prepared to update the list using the tools and applications that work best for them, especially the ones that can help them boost their email marketing plan. The procedure simply takes a few minutes, and it will help you save lots of time afterward.




You can combine Minelead leads through thousands of other programs in addition to Google Sheets through Zapier. Make sure to automate it using the software that suits your needs the best.




Please get in touch with us if you need assistance troubleshooting any errors or running into any problems.




Good luck.


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