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Best Email Lookup Tool – vs.

Finding the right email look up tool and choosing it can be strenuous and confusing. Not with the right information though. In this article we will look at differences between our platform and our main competitor –’s platform. ­


Although there are many similarities between us – such as a domain search option, email verifier, chrome extension and an API there are also many differences. We’re going to be looking at pricing, power of the email finder option, real time searches and how many languages the platforms support.

All of the above are important information to keep in mind when choosing an email look up tool – even if you only use the FREE account. Btw, offers the same services to its FREE users as to its PRO users. The only difference rests in the numberof searches you are allowed to do in a given time – meaning a time limitation. However, all the other benefits that our PRO users have are offered to our FREE users as well.

Let’s get more into the differences between and when thinking of the best email look up tool:


  1. Number of free searches

One of the first differences between and is the number of free searches you can perform in one month. This is key if you only want to use the platform with the FREE account – as you will have limitations on the number of searches it provides.

To get immediately to it, offers 100 free searches a month with its FREE account while offers half that – 50 free searches a month. That’s 50 searches more for our platform Although it might not seem much, when you are thinking about generating leads and creating business connections that can make your business successful it’s quite a lot.



  1. Pricing

The prices for the PRO accounts are highly important if you decide to upgrade from the FREE version of an email look up tool. It’s money you don’t want to go to waste without need. It’s money you could be investing in your business’s services or products and even money you could be investing in email marketing. Not on overpriced email look up tools. only has two PRO accounts in comparison with’s four other PRO accounts. Although this might seem like a gloomy picture for – it’s not. Our PRO packages are more compact and we don’t need to create several PRO accounts to scam our users of their money.

With you can have a PRO account for only 8,33 USD a month or 83,33 USD a month for the Business account. The first PRO account when you visit’s pricing landing page is a staggering 43 USD a month, while their Enterprise option (or business) comes at another staggering 399 USD a month. Way steep prices in our opinion.



  1. Powerful finder differentiates from its main competitor when it comes to the best email look up tool by the amount of power the finder has. We can provide far more email findings than’s finder for small websites and large websites alike.

This gives you more power in turn as you can access a higher number of emails and start your marketing campaigns. More emails means more leads and more business connections, it also means more profit in the long run.


  1. Real time searches

Many email look up tools don’t provide real time searches and findings – instead, they provide searches from their database or online old databases. powerful finder offers real time searches which means more valid emails with which you can’t go wrong.

This does wonders for your email marketing campaigns, cold emailing, or making new business connections as you won’t waste your time on outdated emails.


  1. Supported languages

In comparison with other email look up tools such as, offers more supported languages such as Spanish or even Chinese. This way you can access international websites and emails, growing your business even more.

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