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In their daily life, 4.26 billion of people tend to use emails to connect with each other. Therefore, it is easier to communicate with people that you have no previous interaction with. In this case, we use what is called “cold email”. It can be a student’s letter to the head of the department, a motivation letter from an applicant, or even an advertisement for marketing.






What Do We Mean by Cold Emails?


Elements of Cold Emails


20 Cold Email Subject Lines Examples




What Do We Mean by Cold Emails?




It is to send an email to certain persons that we have no prior contact with, in order to reach a specific purpose. Cold emails are commonly used in the marketing field by new brands or businesses to advertise their products or services. In other words, it is a persuasion tool that a marketer uses to attract the clients.




Elements of Cold Emails



A well-structured cold email consists of 04 essential parts:



1. The Subject Line:


It is the title of your piece of writing. They are also called headlines.


2. Introduction:


A short passage to introduce your intention from sending the email. It warms the readers up before moving to the content.


3. Case study:


It is the heart of your copy. In this part, you better explain the message you want to transmit.


4. Call to action:


It is also a short passage or few statements to close your mail with. Here, you will ask the receiver for what you truly want.



If we take a look to our email box, the screen will be covered by thousands of the cold emails.

What is the first thing we notice before opening them? Can you guess?

You are right! The answer is the subject lines. But are we going to open all of them? Absolutely not!

So, what is the secret that led us to open some subject lines and ignore the others?

Find out next!                                                                                         



20 Cold Email Subject Lines That Actually Work



Here are 20 forms you may shape your next subject lines in. 


1. Join Us.


2. You Can Get Your Money Back!


3. 08 Facts About [product name].


4. You Were Using [product name] In A Wrong Way.


5. Do You Still Have [product nameIn Stock.


6. Your 40% Promo Code Is About to Expire!


7. Only 03 [product name] Left, Don’t Miss Out.


8. What Do You Think About [company/business name]?


9. [client’s first name], You Will Love This.


10. Let Me Spill the Tea.


11. Secrets No One Wants to Tell You.


12. Do You Still Have The [problem name]? I Got You.


13. Your Favourite Playlist Link Is Inside.


14. [client’s name], I Trust Your Choice.


15. The Dark Side Of [product name]


16. PDF Books Readers Are the Worst.


17. It’s Halloween Time! You May Need a New [product name].


18. I’ll Tell You How You Will Fail In [service name]


19. What If It Rains Flowers?


20. alex, here are what you asked for.




  1. Join Us.


In a bunch of words, our eyes are seeking for an empty space. And what could let that? A short expression! Short subject lines are more attractive than you think. So, it is a good idea to keep it simple.


  1. You Can Get Your Money Back!


Can I really get my money back? It seems like an unmissable deal to all of us. Psychologically, people don’t feel comfortable while trying new products or services. And the worst thing, they must spend money for that. Such kind of subject lines lowers their worries and feel safe about the new experience.


  1. 08 Facts About [product name].


One of the traditional ways but still effective is using numbers. Starting your subject line with a number will unconsciously hook the readers towards it. Try to rely on those numbers to facts, rumours, or anything that is related to your brand.


  1. You Were Using [Product Name] In A Wrong Way.


My life was a lie. This is the first idea that will cross the readers’ mind once they see these terms. Claiming that usual obvious things are wrong is a smart strategy to put eyes on you. Nothings is better than creating some suspicion.


  1. Do You Still Have [Product Name] In Stock.


In this line, it seems like the sender needs a service instead of the receiver. Between all the people, business owners care more about their customers. It means customers’ mails always have a priority. Then, why don’t you switch roles and imply that you are a customer?


  1. Your 40% Promo Code Is About to Expire!


In addition to trying new products, what does deeply bother people? The answer is time! The fact that time is sliding from their hands is unbelievable. Try to include some time emergency in your subject lines.


  1. Only 03 [product name] Left, Don’t Miss Out.


Don’t forget to mention the remaining products. Use slight quantity to show how powerful your work is. To add some excitement, use some FOMO expressions such as “don’t miss out”.


  1. What Do You Think About [Company/Business Name]?


Another way to evoke readers curiosity is to simply ask them about your business. Most of them don’t have the answer, they had never heard of you. Since the human mind is attracted to the unknown, this form of subject lines leads them to check your email.


  1. [Client’s First Name], You Will Love This.


Have they just called me by my name? As much as it is fiddling, but still has a positive impact. We like it when people call us by our names, especially if they are strangers. For this reason, subject lines, that contains the receiver’s first name, have more opportunities to be responded.


  1. Let Me Spill The Tea.


Once the readers stumble on this expression, they’ll assume your context will be quite short and simple. No one wants to waste time reading long copies. That’s why it is important to use instant expressions as headlines.


  1. Secrets No One Wants to Tell You.


Draw the readers’ attention to your cold email by playing with words. Create terms that gives the receivers a feeling of uniqueness. Expressions like this, shows them that you are the only one who cares about them.


  1. Do You Still Have The [Problem Name]? I Got You.


One of the most valuable things in our daily lives is solving problems. We are all seeking for a smoothy easy way to complete our activities. Thus, when someone mentions a familiar problem, we are all ears to hear the solution. Try to apply this in your subject line.


  1. Your Favourite Playlist Link Is Inside.


You can directly refer to what’s inside. The subject line can also be a title of your cold email content. It may seem simple, but it actually works.


  1. [Client’s Name], I Trust Your Choice.


Try something different and be personal. Identify the prospect’s name, give them some compliments, and assert how trustworthy they are. With this strategy, you can gain a lot of clients.


  1.  The Dark Side Of [Product Name]


Here’s another way to generate curiosity. Confuse the readers by using opposing and unusual qualities to certain products. These terms shape a catchy mysterious headline.


  1. Pdf Books’ Readers Are the Worst 


That’s a massive claim from a book seller. However, all eyes are on the controversial statements. Don’t feel afraid of trying this but be careful of exaggerating.


  1. It’s Halloween Time! You May Need a New [Product Name].


Spot the light on your subject lines by adding incidents and occasions. Whether it is Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving, it will always be an opportunity to promote your campaign


  1. I’ll Tell You How You Will Fail In [Service Name]


Sometimes, a better way to drive the receivers to focus on your line, is to include one of their insecurities. This assertion pushes them to scan your cold email in order to avoid the failure.


  1. What If It Rains Flowers?


Do you want to see a magic trick? Try to write unexpected phrase that has nothing to do with the context. The aim of this weird statement is to shake the recipients’ imagination and entertain them.


  1. alex, here are what you asked for.


One more way to shape a responsive subject line. Write every single letter in a lower case, even the proper nouns.



End of The Road


Now you understand how cold emailing is, and what are the important elements to create an effective cold email that sells as it could increase both your opening rates and clicking rates. Don’t forget to give these subject lines a try to fulfil your marketing needs.

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