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Most successful companies built their business based on two key parameters: delivering quality services or products and targeting well-predefined customers. Offering the best service remains the job of your company. However, finding emails to get the right prospects and leads for your business to glow is our job.



Minelead.io, is a technology solutions company that has developed email-related products. A cutting-edge email finder and lead generation tool. It helps you find professional emails for any company or website and verify their quality through a browser extension, API, or web interface.



Through this article, we will explain our best products and show you the benefits of finding emails for free.






Minelead Products



1.           Email Finder



2.           Email Verifier



3.           Bulk Service



4.           Chrome Extension and Firefox Addons



5.           API Feature



More Features



Minelead.io Products



When your company cares enough about your customers, you will then make sure to bring value and satisfy your buyers’ needs. At Minelead, we aim to deliver multiple quality services that will guarantee you the best outreach to realize your goal.



Let us walk you through our best products now!




1.           Email Finder




Why email finder?




Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, you will need clients, right?



Now, my question to you is how to find these clients.



Let’s suppose you are a company that specializes in furniture designing. Your goal is to design creative furniture-related products for commercial, industrial, and even domestic clients.



To launch your business, and let the world know about your work, two essential things are necessary here (guessing you already have your products ready and a team working for you). Well First, you need to set a list of your potential customers who will be pleased to have your fabulous design touch on their offices or houses.



For that reason particularly, we created minelead.io.



Once you know who your audience is, finding these companies’ emails using their domain name is now an easy task for us, not only you will get one email for that company, but sometimes you get thousands.



Now, it will only be your task to prepare your best pitch-selling email and send it over to showcase your amazing work.



Second, you will need to promote your products in one way or another for domestic clients could hear about you! What do you need to do in this situation? Do you think that email finding will play its role here?



My answer to you is: definitely yes!



Using email hunter, you will have access to marketing companies that will facilitate the outreach of your products to the world using different platforms or even help your business rank on Google’s Search Engine Result page by improving your SEO optimization.



So, Minelead offers you a completely free real-time email finder tool, with additional optional features that make the email lookup experience a lot more enjoyable. Get thousands of high-quality verified leads and target businesses to boost your sales now.




2.           Email Verifier









Continuing with our furniture designing company example.



Imagine now that you haven’t used our email verifier service before, and for the past 3 months, you have probably sent hundreds if not thousands of beautiful attractive emails to ‘’as you think’’ the right email addresses for multiple companies. But no answers or sales were achieved!



This is an unfortunate true fact, we send emails in the hope of growing our businesses, but what assures us that these email addresses really exist? Did you get these emails from a trusted source?



Well, there is no guarantee!



Here, an email verifying tool is a must!



Why? As mentioned, probably because you are not hitting their email inboxes, since the email addresses are not valid at all. You will be surprised how many email addresses out there don't exist and still, people use them.



With Minelead.io, email verification is no longer a tiring and unreliable process. We provide free quality email verification in order to verify email deliverability for achieving maximum campaign efficiency. We can verify both professional and personal email addresses for your best network.




3.           Bulk service






You have so many company domains or emails to search for and verify for your business and you don’t have time to go through them one by one?



Well, you are in the right place! Minelead.io was created to satisfy your needs by ensuring an easy, simple, and fast with unlimited search to generate and verify leads using a bulk finder & verifier by only uploading your file and running your search.



It is a time saver and cost-effective.



Bulk service is among one of the most used services by our business owners and entrepreneurs to collect massive data all at once and in real-time for multiple companies.



We plan not to waste our customers' time indeed! Now, you can search and verify more than one thousand (1000) domains or email addresses in less than 3 minutes. What do you do in these 3 minutes? Get yourself a snack waiting! Or read our blogs instead for more information.




4.           Chrome Extension and Firefox Addons




Are you tired of searching emails on a company’s websites and still can't find leads?



We got you! Minelead offers you Chrome Extension & Firefox Addons for better finding leads on any company’s website. One more thing!  You can export your CSV file for further use to help you grow in the future.



Your business won’t suffer anymore while finding your prospects and generating leads. You can now install Chrome Extension and Firefox addons and browse your target website and find emails as quickly and easily as possible and get reliable and verified emails in one click.



It will surprise you by the way it works and the accurate and fast results it can get. Test it now and explore a different side of Minelead.




5.           API Feature




To benefit from most of our services, use API search!



What is an API?



Application programming interfaces or API is simply software development and innovation that enables applications to exchange data and functionality very easily and in a secure way.



How can your business take advantage of this service?



Implementing all Minelead features into your services helps you get the best experience ever. You can find and verify emails using API search and save time and energy for yourself and your company. Why? because API search will no longer need your presence to check.



Minelead and your computer will work together to get you the best results. Meanwhile, you can do your usual work or oven, enjoy your weekend out and let us do your business.



Other Benefits & Features You Can Get From Minelead



Although, each plan of our subscriptions has its own features and characteristics that our customers can experience. We will take two points that will encourage you to get a plan with us with no regrets.



Search Speed







It is very commonly known that you can easily buy a watch, right? But can you really buy time?



Businesses can relate here and confirm that TIME IS MONEY.



Wasting your time searching for leads to amplify your network is an issue for everyone. However, at minlead.io, we look out for our customers and make sure that their precious time is effectively used. For that, we provide an increased 5X speed for enterprise customers, and hear this out! With no throttling and with multi-users.



Sounds attempting? Check it out then.






Did you know that you could gain money from Minelead?



We can turn our business into a two-way profit for us and our customers. How?



Well, it is simple!



Make sure to subscribe to our website, share your referral sign-up link with others, and get 10% of whatever the person you referred pays in dollars.



Is your mind already thinking about these targeted people? That’s great then, Invite them now!




‘’Achieving targets will increase your team’s self-esteem and push you toward accomplishing more.’’



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