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You need an email hunting tool if you want to quickly find company email addresses. It's the most convenient and straightforward approach to gaining access to thousands of business email addresses. These email addresses can be utilized as leads to expand your business, keep customers, increase sales, and more.




Although it may seem like a basic tool, it will definitely boost your business.




Investors may contribute funds that will enable your business to expand. Future employees are a wonderful long-term and short-term asset to meet your company's goals and objectives, and collaborators can strengthen departments within your business.






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So here's a fast approach to finding company email addresses if you want to increase sales.




Find That Email With The Right Tool




Using an email address lookup tool to increase sales is a surefire approach to do so. Real businessmen are aware of the value of obtaining business email addresses and how to use them to expand a company's activities. However, you can find email addresses using a variety of techniques. Finding the proper one is the key.




With our service, you may search worldwide domains and receive addresses in a variety of languages while also getting real-time authentic email addresses at low pricing, as we also provide support for any problems you may experience. Because of the above qualities and broad recognition, it is one of the most popular tools online. 




If you are minelead, then here is how to sign up !




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Our tool is simple and quick to set up. Going to our "Sign up" page and completing a brief form are both easy processes. You only provide a few pieces of information, like your first and last names, a username, an email address, and the password you want to use. You can also indicate in a field whether you were invited by another user.




It's vital to note that registration is free and that you won't ever be prompted to open a premium account. It's entirely up to you. With the free account, you can use the tool's features for a set number of credits.




Let’s take a look at the best products. 




Company Email Finder




domain email search




Domain email search enables obtaining email addresses that have ever been posted online in seconds for the purpose of outreach.



Utilizing the real-time domain search feature is the first thing you can do with an email address search tool. The tool's most popular and basic function. Simply input the domain name or website address you want to search for emails on, and all the public emails on that particular domain will be displayed.




Instead of needing to access each domain separately, the application provides you with all the email addresses you need. It is really simple to use and saves a ton of time and money.




Using the email revealer to get specific professional email addresses of a person can be really practical, where you may display emails using both the entire name of the individual and a domain name of the firm.




Email Verifier



email verifier




What does an email address verification serve? A tool to check that an email address is legitimate and capable of receiving emails is email address verification. To prevent bounces and protect your sender's reputation, make sure to verify before getting in touch with new recipients.



You can select from a variety of options on the menu after registering. One of the features is the email verifier, which is available from's top menu next to the search tab.




Simply clicking on it will lead you to a new page where you can copy and paste the email address into the search form to validate it. Check the findings for validity after pressing the check button. 




Chrome Extension & Firefox Addon



 domain email finder



Additionally, Firefox and Chrome hunter extensions are available to users of When exploring the web, these functions are really useful. You can access the domain's public emails by searching using the extension or add-on rather than entering the domain name in the search field on our website.




Click the Chrome extension or Firefox addon buttons at the bottom of the page by going to the extension tab in the top menu. You'll be redirected to another website so you may add the extension or add-on.



Later, simply click the extension icon in your browser to find real-time emails while you are on a page where you wish to find emails. From there, you can also add them directly to your favorites.




Bulk Findings



 bulk email finder



Bulk searches are available without limits if you upgrade to a premium account, which is simple to do by clicking on the top menu, next to your profile. You must enter your credit card information and make a monthly payment starting at 19$ a month, to get the PRO plan.




Yes, you heard me right! Only 19$ a month for 2K credits.




However, after you've done this, you'll be able to simultaneously search for numerous domains and hundreds or even millions of different email addresses from them. The platform's top menu also provides access to the bulk page.





API Integration



api integration




To integrate email searching into your SaaS, developers can use our rapid email-finding API capability. Additionally, you receive history, lead management, email finding, and trustworthy email verification.




Downloading the OpenAPI specification and adding the feature to your SaaS is simple.



Now, do you want to know the best features to organize your work ? here is how ! 




Leads List



leads listing



You can use the tool's various capabilities once you have the results of your email address search. The ability to favorite emails and build lists using them is one of these features. By doing this, you get to save the emails and lists and utilize them later to get in touch with potential customers.




It is simple to access the email addresses to send particular emails as part of email marketing campaigns to those in the lists because it is possible to create lists with favored emails (leads). Simply favorite the email address by clicking on the heart-shaped icon on the results page.



By selecting the heart icon next to the "find more" button, you may also add all of the emails to your collection. This useful little detail is a big time saver.



Copy To Clipboard



email search




The 'copy to clipboard' feature may be found in the same results pop-out window that appears after searching for a domain's email addresses. With this very useful feature, you may rapidly copy the email address and then paste it into the address box of a new email, your contact list, or an email marketing tool, for example.




It's one of several features of that allows you to save time and effort. A time that would be better spent enhancing and expanding your company, for example. Your client experience and enjoyment are everything to us.





Export To a CSV File



Domain email search 



Another feature that is helpful while looking for business email addresses is located in the results box. You can export all the emails you have discovered while conducting a domain email search to a CSV file using our email finder tool. The domain name and the email addresses will be in an excel file that you will receive.




It's an excellent file to keep on hand in case you want to use the discovered email addresses in the future. The system will automatically download the excel file containing the addresses list when you click the export all icon in the results box.







Our platform was created in a way that makes finding emails pleasurable, we care about our users' experiences and like hearing about their wonderful success stories.




If we have persuaded you of the simplicity of using an email discovery tool like, be sure to keep up with our most recent products and features and sign up for free now!


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