Is There a Free Email Finder ? 10 Best Email Hunter Tools





Email is a vital mode of communication, particularly for marketing managers, salespeople, and businesses overall. One email address can assist you in generating new sales prospects. However, hunting for an email address is a very challenging task, especially if you are not having the right tools for it. For that, there is various software that can assist with this operation.




Below is a tailored selection of the Top Free Email Finder Tools, along with its most key products and features. The websites on the list offer both free and paid services.  But mainly we will focus on free versions.



Name Free Plan Paid Plan  Integrations Extensions & addons
Minelead 100 Credits Starts at $19/2000 Credits Zapier with +3000 apps, Zoho CRM, Hubspot, Google Sheets

-Chrome Extension

-Firefox Addon

-Gmail Extension
leadfuze 25 Credits Starts at $132.30/500 Leads Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zapier, HubSpot, etc. -Web App
Clearout 100 Credits Starts at $21/3000 Credits Mailchimp, MailerLite, Zoho, Zapier, Salesforce, etc. No
Hunter 75 Credits Starts at $49/1500 Credits Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zapier, and HubSpot. -Chrome Extension
Voilanorbert 50 Credits Starts at $49/1000 Credits Zapier, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Mailshake, etc. -Chrome Extension
Snov 50 Credits Starts at $33/1000 Credits Zapier, MailChimp, autopilot, Hubspot, etc. -Chrome Extension

Anymail Finder

90 Email Address Starts at $49.3/1000 Email Address Linkedin, Salesforce, and Gmail -Web App
SignalHire 5 Credits Starts at $39/350 Email Credits Salescloud, Google Workspace, Zoho, LinkedIn, etc.

-Chrome extension

-Web app


10 Credits Starts at $29/80 Credits Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Google Spreadsheets.

-Chrome Extension

-Web App
Uplead 5 Credits Starts at $99/170 Credits HubSpot, Zoho, Copper, Outreach, Pipedrive, Zapier.

-Chrome Extension

-Web App




Minelead represents of the best email hunter tools that have helped already thousands of customers to reach their goals. Their powerful features have been able to serve clients’ needs regarding email finding, email verification, bulk search, and many other features.


The tool has great feedback and reviews on the most popular and trusted websites.






  • The tool helps you find refined and up-to-date email addresses using a mix of both the well-established database and real-time search.



  • A powerful API key is available for all users to automate your findings and integrate them into your app.


  • Bulk operations are very quick to a large volume of data.


  • A manageable lead listing page that can be integrated with popular CRM and sophisticated tools.


  • Reliable human customer service is available online.






LeadFuze provides one of the best email discovery tools that includes a third-party verification solution. You won't have to clean up your customer list, and you will not be concerned regarding combining current clients.







  • It provides instantaneous double verification of emails.


  • Using the parameters you specify, the bulk email search tool assists you in discovering and creating mailing lists easily.


  • You can simply assign new leads to applications from outside sources.


  • It facilitates the use of market-based lookup to reach leads.






The Clearout Email Hunter offers confident results supported by a confidence level to create a strong client base. Finding emails is made possible in a number of ways, including by domain name and individual's name, and company's domain.






  • It confirms the email account to see if it comes from a provider of disposable email addresses.


  • It makes it easier for you to separate the department's email addresses. Such as support, sales, marketing...


  • Allows you to verify an email address's current standing without sacrificing delivery time.


  • Removes misspellings and typos from email addresses.






Another best free email finder tool is Hunter. You only need to enter the enterprise domain into the search bar to choose the categories of emails you wish to retrieve. You can use this software to identify all different kinds of online email addresses on your computer. 






  • From many different formats and combinations, you may occasionally receive the most typical email format used by the company.


  • Offers references for results page information.


  • Any Email can be saved to your list so that you can extract or sync them with your preferred CRM.


  • For big email marketing members, this email format searcher makes it simple to exchange mailing lists with different users.






Using first name, last name, and domain, ViolaNorbert makes it easier for you to detect business email addresses. The mail host receives a signal from this email marketing tool asking them to confirm the email addresses.






  • Qualified leads will pour into your funnel.


  • It enables you to create lists and reach out to potential clients so that you can forge useful connections.


  • This email finder API enables you to incorporate current software with real-time email research results.


  • Findings display leads' social media information.






 Another popular email lookup tool is Snov. It is an all-inclusive platform for automated cold emailing that includes a quick and cost-effective email finder tool.






  • It provides an API solution to make it easier for you to incorporate email lookup into your CRM or applications.


  • It can identify a lead's complete profile, including name, online accounts, job position, and other details.


  • You can export your potential clients' list in Google Sheets, XLSX, and CSV formats.






Anymailfinder is a saas that aids in obtaining high-quality prospects for your company. You can use it to search email addresses through millions of web pages, and carry out immediate server verification. This email search tool is available as a web-based or API-based service.




  • Depending on a person's name, job position, and domain, it aids in the discovery of individual or mass emails.


  • You can save money by avoiding paying for useless or ambiguous emails and duplicates. 






Another tool that proved its presence that provides validated emails in real-time is Signalhire. Additionally, it gives hiring managers, salespeople, and marketing companies access to the personal and professional contacts of leads. You can use it to help you find reliable contact information including phone numbers and emails.






  • Enables you to access the most well-known social networking sites with the chrome extension.



  • Aids in location-based searches across the nation, by state, region, city, radius, or postal code.


  • Permits you to investigate your CRM discussions.






Another email finder tool for quickly researching accounts is Datanyze. It lets you quickly create precisely focused lead generation lists and export connections.






  • It makes it easier for you to find as well as interact with new clients.


  • It records information as you navigate social media platforms.


  • You can start sales-generating dialogues by using this technology.


  • Aids in the smooth management and extraction of contact lists.






A simple-to-use lead-generating tool is UpLead. You can search through 56 million contact information in a database to search for prospects and filter them based on different standards. You can also export them in volume. With the aid of this email lookup tool, you can instantly check the emails and add more accurate findings to your information.






  • It seizes the phone and email addresses contact of your contacts.


  • Leads are gathered as you explore the internet.


  • Using an API enables you to scale your search.






So, is there a free email address finder?



If you have read the whole article then you would know the answer to that!



After learning about some key attributes of email finder tools, I think you now have a good idea of which platform will benefit your company the most while building a strong email list, finding precise email addresses, and saving money.



We suggest you take a look at our robust free email finder tool that provides access to all features if you're looking for an affordable service that delivers high-quality results for email scraping and verification.


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