This emails show how you can get an overview of email patters for any company, all what we need is the domain name for the company and then we should be able to predict any person email. helps to find all B2B emails for any company by simply giving the domain, that's because minelead has a huge database refreshed in real time for all B2B emails worldwide. here is an example


Let's find out the B2B emails for the streaming company

As you see in the capture here, Minelead was able to extract around 30 B2B verified emails without milliseconds, that's all done now we can see the pattern is 

We could quickly find the verified email address formats and the patterns, this help us now contact any person within the company knowing their first and last names by using the pattern.

Recruiters and marketing executives can rely on minelead platform to extract emails for candidates and decision makers so they can contact them directly through their professional email which is a guaranteed way to have your email delivered and read.



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