Essential Guide To Find Company Email Addresses


If you want to easily find company email addresses you need an email finder tool. It’s the easiest and most practical way to get access to tens of professional email addresses. These email addresses can be used as leads to gain investors, collaborators or future employees.


It might sound like a simple tool but it’s a guaranteed way to boost your sales. Investors can bring in money that can help your company grow. Collaborators can improve departments in your company and future employees are a great long-term and short-term asset.


So, if you want to boost sales here’s a quick guide to find company email addresses.


Find the right email finder tool


Boosting sales with an email finder tool is a sure way to do so. Real businessmen understand the importance of gaining access to professional email addresses and how they can be used to grow a business. However, there are numerous tools that you can use for email address search. It’s all about finding the right one.


With our tool you get real time valid email addresses, affordable prices and the option to search international domains and get addresses in multiple languages. It’s one of the most used tools online because of the mentioned attributes and valued by many. We also offer support for any issues you might have.




Sign up to a free account


Onboarding our tool is easy and can be done fast. It’s a simple process of going to our ‘Sign up’ page and filling out a very short form. You only enter little information such as your first and last name, a username, your email address, and the desired password. There’s also a field where you can mention if you were invited by another user.


What’s important is that signing up is free, you won’t be asked to create a PRO account in any moment. That’s completely up to you. With the free account you get all the perks of the tool without the options for bulk findings and an integrated API.



Quick domain search


The first thing you can do with an email address search tool is to use the quick domain search. It’s the simplest feature of the tool and most used. Here you can just enter the domain name or website link that you want to browse for emails and you’ll get all the available public emails on that certain domain.


You get all the email addresses you want from the tool instead of having to access individually every domain you’re interested in. It saves a lot of time and money and it’s very easy to use.



Favorite emails


Once you have your email address search results you have different features that you can use with the tool. One of these features is to favorite emails and create lists with them. Doing so you get to save these emails and lists and use them at a later day to contact prospects.


Having the option to have lists with favorite emails makes it easy to access the email addresses at a later time or to send out specific emails part of email marketing campaigns to those in the lists (collections). Simply click on the heart shaped icon on the results page and favorite the email address.


You can also save all the emails to your collection by clicking on the heart icon next to the ‘find more’ button. A real time saver this nifty small feature.



Copy to clipboard


In the same results pop-out window you get after searching for a domain’s email addresses there is the ‘copy to clipboard’ feature. This is a very functional feature that allows you to copy the email address quickly and then paste it wherever you need it such as in a new email’s address bar, contact list or email marketing tool.


It’s a function, like many others when it comes to, that helps you save time and effort. Time for which you can find better uses such as improving your business and helping it grow. We’re all about your customer user experience and enjoyment.



Export to a CSV file


In the results window there is another feature that comes in handy when in the process of finding company email addresses. Our email finder tool allows you to export to a CSV file all the emails you have found while doing a domain email search. You will get an excel file with the domain name and next to the domain you will get the email addresses.


It’s a great file to save and have for a later time when you decide to make use of the found email addresses. Simply click on the export all icon in the results window and automatically the system will download the excel file with the addresses list.



Email verifier


Once you are signed up you will be transported in the backend of our email finder tool where you have access to more features than a non-signed up user has. One of the features is the email verifier one and you can access it from’s top menu.


Simply click on it and you’ll be sent to a new page where you can check the validity of an email address by copy pasting the address in the verifier’s search bar. Press check and wait for the validity results.



Chrome extension & Firefox addon also offers its users the Chrome extension and Firefox addon. These features are great to have when browsing the web. Instead of going to our website’s search bar and copy pasting the domain name, you can gain access to the domain’s public emails by searching with the extension or addon.


Go to the extension tab in the top menu and click on the Chrome extension or Firefox addon buttons at the bottom of the page. You’ll be sent to a different webpage where you can install the extension or addon.


Later, when you are on a website where you want to find emails simply click on the extension icon in your browser and find real time emails. You can also directly save them to favorites from there.



Bulk findings


If you upgrade to a PRO or Business account which is easy to do by clicking on your avatar in the right upper corner and accessing the ‘Your account’ page you can also do bulk searches. To get the PRO or Business versions you’ll have to put in your card details and pay 8,33 USD respectively 83,33 USD a month.


But, once you do this you can search for multiple domains at the same time and get tens of various email addresses from them. The bulk page can be accessed from the top menu of the platform as well.





For developers we have the API feature which is a quick email finding API to integrate email searching in your SaaS. You also get with it reliable email verification, collection management and history.


You can easily download the OpenAPI specification and integrate the feature in your SaaS.



If we have you convinced on the easiness of using an email finder tool such as sign up for free now!



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