How To Write a Compelling Cold Email That Sells


Writing to a potential prospect can be daunting. It takes quite a lot of effort and you never know what the chances of a response, even more a positive response, are. 


However, with the right techniques your cold emails won’t pass unnoticed and won’t pass without a reply. There’s just a few things you need to know about cold emailing, your prospects, and winning at getting replies. 



It’s not very hard to write a successful cold email. What you need to know revolves around creating amazing subject lines, an email outline before starting to write, a catchy opening line that keeps the prospect reading, a personalized message that speaks to the prospect, and keeping it all short and sweet (to the point). 


If you have all of these covered we guarantee your cold email will get the attention it needs and will serve its purpose. No matter if that purpose is to sell a service or a product, get a collaboration, win over a potential future employee, or anything else. 


Now let’s have a look over how to write a compelling cold email that sells:


  1. Have an amazing subject line


Your prospect isn’t going to open your cold email unless it comes with an amazing subject line. Worried that your lines aren’t that amazing? Well we’re going to help you make them so. 


An amazing subject line needs to be personalized. 


You can’t have random subject lines work in your favor when it comes to cold emailing. 


You need to have either the prospect’s name, the company’s name or something you can connect with your prospect in it. Something such as the place where you met, common connections or something related to a piece of content they wrote.


An amazing subject line needs to be short.


You’re going to be more successful with short subject lines than with long ones. If it takes your prospect too long to read your email’s subject line then he’ll most likely either read one or two words and stop or skip it altogether. 


If he or she doesn’t even read your subject line how can we expect them to read the email’s body copy?


An amazing subject line can have a question in it.


Questions are great ways to engage with your user or prospect, and that’s the case for cold emails and subject lines as well.


Have a great personalized question in your cold email and chances are your prospect is going to click on your email.  


  1. Create an email outline


Outlines are fantastic ways to give your content structure and that is also the case when it comes to cold emails. 


A structured email with an outline written before the actual body is going to be a planned email and not a chaotic one. A planned email has more chances of success than an email without any thought to it, that’s written by feeling. 


Make sure your outline fits your prospect and it’s a personalized one. This will give your email more chances to stand out and touch your prospect. 


You can always start with mentioning a pain point, continue with benefits, and ending with a catchy non-pushy CTA. 


  1. Catchy opening line


If you’ve got your reader’s attention and have gotten them to open your email you need to keep them reading. 


A catchy opening line will do that for you.


Successful opening lines either ask a question, talk about a mutual connection, state a compliment about the prospect or the company they work for, mention the prospect’s problem or their pain point or talk about a recent event that connects both of you. 


  1. Personalized message


A personalized message will go a long way with your prospect. It can make the difference between replying to or ignoring your message. 


Nobody wants to read a message sent to them that is cold and unpersonalized, instead we want to read something that appeals to us and with which we can connect. 


Instead of sending many templated emails that have no personalized touch, you can try either personalizing the entire message or adding a few personalized lines in your template. 


  1. Short and sweet


Short cold emails have a higher CTR than long emails, close to 6% more. In this case try to keep your cold email short and to the point. 


Don’t add fluff to it thinking that the more the better - it’s not the case with cold emails. Prospects, just like everyone else, have short attention spans and want to go through a piece of content fast - and that applies to cold emails as well.


Keep your cold emails short and sweet (to the point) and you’ll have more success with them. 


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