Top 5 Benefits of Using an Email Finder Tool

Email finding tools are great assets for any company. They bring fantastic benefits to anyone who uses one - including saving time and money, bulk leads, quick access to emails and an integrated API. 




All of these benefits are great for when trying to find leads, investors, collaborators or even partners or other employees. Who doesn’t want to both save money and find bulk marketing leads? 


If you too are interested in finding out more about the benefits of an email finder tool then we suggest you keep on reading. Here’s more on them:


Save Time


Time is a limited resource that we have, we can’t get back time. That’s why it’s so valuable and important to us. It’s just as important in our work and we need tools that help us save time. is just that - a tool that will help you save time. How? Simple. 


You don’t need to spend time visiting a website and going to their contact page and other pages to find all the emails they have listed. You might also miss some. Instead, with you simply do a quick domain search and our tool will provide, in almost an instant, all the emails available on the specific domain. 


How great is that? Pretty great and time-saving. 


Save Money


Time is money, which is why if you save time you are also saving money. But, there’s more - our pricing plans are one of the most affordable on the market. You can’t do better than this when it comes to PRO plans (as low as $8,33 / month). We believe in providing our clients with a great service that will cost them close to nothing instead of ripping them off with a bad service. 


Using will save you plenty of money with all the services we provide - quick real time searches and findings, bulk searches, Chrome extension and Firefox addon and an integrated API. also finds emails in any language which only adds to the perks of this great email finding tool. Perks that will help you save time and money. 


Bulk Leads


Bulk leads should be your favorite thing when it comes to lead generation marketing. It offers many leads that you can turn into conversions. is specialized in bulk leads with its bulk search option. All you need to do is insert all the domains you want browsed through and our platform will provide all the real time available emails on the specific domains. 


Bulk leads are good to have when searching for collaborators, investors or employees as well. You don’t only get an email here and there, you get several emails that you can use to find the collaboration you’re looking for, or the investor you’ve been desperately needing or the employee that might just save your business in unforetold ways.


This is a huge benefit for email marketing campaigns and lead generation. You will instantly get valid email addresses that you can use to send out converting cold emails to. All those leads can turn into conversions instantly or in time. 


Did you know that 61% of marketers rank lead generation as their number one challenge? It doesn’t have to be that way with!


Quick Access


Who doesn’t like quick access to services? Our Chrome extension and Firefox addon provides our users with a quick access to the website’s listed emails without having to browse through the entire actual website. All you need to do is access the domain then do a quick search by clicking on the extension or addon search buttons and it will provide you with all the available online emails. 


This is a huge benefit if you like things done quickly and effectively. You almost instantly get access to all available emails on the domain without much effort. It’s a very useful tool if you are only browsing the web and decide you want to get in touch with professionals from the website. 


Integrated API


With an integrated API, which is fantastic for developers, you get a fast email finding API to integrate email lookup into your SaaS. You also get many other benefits such as a reliable email verification API to verify email quality; collection management API to save and verify email lists and a history API to control your lookup history.  


Here you can find out more about the features of and its benefits. Or, you can simply sign up and get started asap!


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