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Email marketing has been one of the most traditional marketing strategies that provide effective leads up to this day. Younger generations already have two email addresses to separate promotional from personal correspondences, while email users will surpass the 4 billion until 2022.


According to Smart Insights, all benchmark email metrics have increased from 2016. More specifically, the following chart shows how successful email campaigns can bring a steady increase in email benchmark metrics.




email benchmark metrics




Every marketer has their own approach towards email marketing that makes it unique. However, email marketers need to always optimize their strategy to be up to date with more recent and effective practices. For this reason, this article is dedicated to the 4 best email practices that will help email marketers generate more leads.



1. Personalization


By knowing your target audience well you can send personalized emails that will increase your ROI. And you can do that with email segmentation. This allows you to device your users into smaller categories based on their age, or interests to name a few.

User segmentation can be based on survey results you might have sent your users, past purchases, or email activity. But one thing is for certain. Achieving personalized email copies will increase your sales greatly.



2. Free Email finder


There is one guaranteed tactic that can increase a brand’s sales, which not many email marketers use. This is called a domain email finder. Minelead has a free email finder available for all email marketers to use. With this domain name finder, you can search for emails of a business that allows for genuine connections and unlimited leads. 

This will not only improve your email marketing strategy and your outreach but also help you increase your network with valuable contacts that can become important leads in the long run.



3. Set up email campaigns around storytelling


Most users stay loyal to brands with coherent messaging across all channels. This is called brand storytelling and it shouldn’t be absent from your email marketing. Storytelling can keep the interest of your user intact after opening and reading your email copy. Because it combines creative messaging that shares brand values, certain branded color schemes, and layouts that are easily associated with the brand.

In this way, users form positive associations with your brand and are more likely to open up your emails and engage with your stories.



4. Apply relevant email marketing trends


Last but not least, there are always different trends across the business timeframe and a brand needs to tap on those in order to increase its outreach. And email marketing is no different.  


With the increase in popularity of dark modes and minimalistic layouts brands that integrate those into their own marketing strategy have more chances of retaining their users and attracting new ones. But alongside design-based trends, marketers need to be on the lookout for content-based trends. Some examples could be for email marketers to incorporate user-generated content or customer reviews in their emails.


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