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Are you looking to generate leads and conquer industries doing so? Then you need a great email finder tool that can help you sort out everything. A tool that allows you to find any email that’s publicly online on websites.

A tool that offers various services – real time searches and findings, email verifying, CSV data export, favorite collections, copy to clipboard, bulk searches, and chrome/firefox extensions and addons along with an API integration into your website. All for the price of nothing!


A great email finder tool that doesn’t overcharge is hard to come by. Minelead.io differentiates itself from its competitors with its low-budget prices that fit any professional pocket.

You can also simply use the FREE account and only get time limitations on your searches as opposed to the PRO accounts where there is no time limit on how many searches you can conduct.

This way you get great email leads and get to conquer industries easily and affordably. No time wasted, no private data, no high prices – only successful searches and successful email marketing!

But, let’s find out more about Minelead.io and why it’s the best email finder tool available online.

Real Time Searches and Findings


Minelead.io is one of the only email finder tools online that provides real time searches and findings of emails. This way you can get a guarantee that the emails you find have a real time validity. Meaning, they are currently present and active and you can readily use them for email marketing!

In case you don’t believe it, Minelad.io provides the email verifier tool for checking the validity and availability of any email you need to. This way you can rest assured that any email you send will reach the inbox of the prospect you are targeting.

From there you only need to let your email marketing skills work their magic.

Email Verifying Service


We know you don’t want to waste time on emails that aren’t valid. That’s why we have the email verifying tool where you can insert any email and check its availability. This way you don’t waste precious resources on email marketing that goes to waste.

You get to be sure that the contact will receive the email you have taken so long to prepare. Your time or your email marketing specialist’s time will not be wasted on dead emails, but instead be used to create leads that will bring your business the success it deserves.

The service is free and available for those signed up for the FREE account.


CSV Data Export


The CSV data export is a great service that allows you to export small, medium, or large quantities of email data.

Simply use the domain search bar and then export the data into a CSV file, or use the bulk finder (PRO account) and use the CSV data export for multiple many email findings.


Favorite Collections


You can use the favorite collections service to save any emails you have discovered into collections. You can then use these collections for different emails you decide to send out.

You can simply copy to clipboard and then paste in your email marketing tool of choice or Gmail/Outlook.


Chrome and Firefox Extension & Addon


The Chrome and Firefox extension and addon are great services to use when simply browsing the web.

You don’t need to go to our website and insert the domain in our search bar to get emails. You simply search while on the website and get all the emails that are available publicly on the website.


API Integration


The API integration is a great service to use for your website. It’s a fast email finding API that you can integrate into your SaaS.

It also offers reliable email verification, a collection management service, and a history service to control your lookup history.

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