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Research and technology today are the basis of evolution and development to keep pace with the era of advancement. As we progress, so do science and technologies, leading to new inventions and discoveries that could bring more questions that might not have even made sense when viewed within the previous innovative ideas.



And that was the reason why we have always been working hard to thrive and eventually led us to update our system and add new exciting features and products to fulfill our customers’ desires and to keep tracking their needs.



For the past few months, we have been able to add new products and customize them with our current services. With new integration that could bring value to your quality results and make information access easier and simpler.



Through this article, we will talk about the new updates that minelead has made effort to accomplish. On our way, we will show you how to use them too!



Exciting, right? Let’s delve deeper into it then!








1. The Email Finder & The Bulk Finder



2. Email Quality Verifier & The bulk verifier 



3. Google Sheets Sync & Integration



4. Bulk Upload File




Customer satisfaction is important to every business. Therefore, delivering quality products rather than quantity is something we believe in and we constantly aim and seek to promote through our website.




Let’s get into our new products that were made exclusively for you to benefit the most from our service that will help you achieve your goals.



1. Email Finder & Bulk Finder



When creating a business, the first you need to do is to target companies or business owners, with whom you believe your products or services may add value to their work. The added value could be, saving their precious time, making their work more flexible, or less complex to use.



However, to find emails associated with a domain, you probably will need the right tool that could target email addresses by their names and the company’s domain.



Today, Minelead is extremely delighted to give you access to this product, An email finder.



And not only that, it will only offer you quality results. No more unverified emails, and no more risky email addresses shown that could affect your bouncing rate.



To use the product, you simply visit  https://minelead.io/finder/  and enter the full name and domain name of the person you are looking for and the results will be displayed.



Email Finder


The screenshot is taken from minelead email finder




As a business that cares about your needs, we also created the bulk finder. You want to know why?



Let’s say you have a list of a thousand-person, they work in different companies, and you want to find their email address for a marketing campaign you have been preparing for the last few months. I am very sure that your campaign will grab people’s attention and lead them to buy from you.



But, do you or your team have the full time to run these contacts one by one?



Well, that’s why bulk was introduced. It will save much time for you and your colleagues and helps you focus on ways to generate revenues, after all, that is all that matters for business, do you agree?



To use the bulk finder, click on bulk, and choose bulk finder, then you can write the full name and domain of the contacts you are targeting and press space. Alternatively, you can import a CSV or txt file with each ‘’firstname,lastname,domain’’ in a new line. Make sure to see the example file before you proceed.



 bulk finder


The screenshot is taken from minelead bulk finder





If you prefer using the API or already integrated your Saas with minelead.io this feature is added now to collect data without human assistance.




2. Email Quality Verifier & The Bulk Verifier 





Besides being the best email search tool, email verification is a crucial step that your business needs to take before sending your sales campaigns.





Why this is important?



In addition to hitting your client’s inbox, and making sure that all contacts you searched for by using minelead.io have been received, another critical point is to enhance your email reputation.



The email reliability is measured as a domain score that ranges from 0 to 100. Any score below 70 according to Senderscore.org, your email most likely will be rejected by your recipient’s mailbox or hit the spam folder. Either way, this turns up to affect your outreach.



Email verifier was specifically created to avoid such problems. All your campaigns will surely appear in your receiver’s email box after careful verification without harming your domain score.



Now how to use the product?



It is as easy as eating a piece of cake.



All you have to do is visit https://minelead.io/verifier/ and start verifying email addresses.



The best feature about our email verification product compared to others is that we are not only limited to verifying professional email addresses, but we go beyond your expectations by also checking personal ones as well.



When using the service, 4 parameters will be shown giving you more details and extra information about the email address you entered.



Type: The type confirms if the email address is personal or professional.



Form: An example here will be the best way to explain, let’s see the difference between a valid form and a non-valid one, for instance: ‘’support@minelead.io’’ is a valid form, however, ‘’+@&$%@minelead.io’’ is not a valid form. With minelead, we can easily spot that.



Server: The validity of the server, confirms if it exists or not.



Status:  Finally, the final call relies on the status, if it shows it exists, it means you are good to go.



However, sometimes, the email address couldn’t be verified, in this case, it will be shown as unknown.



Furthermore, catch-all email addresses can be displayed, this means, that any email you can generate using that domain name is not truly validated and the system catches all emails as existing ones. Which is something not reliable for you to use.





Email verifier


The screenshot is taken from minelead email verifier




In the end, it is also recommended that you test the bulk email verifier, you will get the chance to take advantage of the service while checking multiple email addresses at once. Again, you simply copy-paste them or upload our supported files in the bulk for validation.



To better interpret and analyze the results you get, export the CSV file of the verification. You can clean up the email addresses that don’t exist and only keep validated ones for your campaigns.



Now tell me, have ever seen such an easy task to do on a website?




3. Google Sheets Sync & Integration




As every product or service that has ever been invented was to make your life easier, we at minelead.io strive to make sure that you enjoy the experience while your problem is being solved.



To access data easily and make it available for your outreach, integrations were presented to be the best solution.



Your Google Sheet from your Google account can be now integrated with your minelead account, assuring you the flow and the saving of the contact lists searched and verified using our products.



It will be constantly synchronized, giving you the ability to access new findings from our website.



You want to know how to integrate it? Follow these steps:



To use the integration,



- First, add your google account and the name of the sheet you want to use



- Then share your sheet with this email: minelead@minelead-sheets.iam.gserviceaccount.com



- Finally, the integration is successful.



 The sync is currently integrated with both your collections and bulk by using the sync button on your right or at the bottom respectively.




google sheets integration


The screenshot is taken from minelead google sheets integration




With minelead, now you can save your contact lists and automate your business by using exceptional features. Make sure to review our demo for further clarity. https://minelead.io/integrations/



This feature is added only for our enterprise subscribers since the usage of the integration is extremely beneficial for businesses as it guarantees the quality and easy way to deal with big data.



Now you can just sit and relax, let us do the work for you! Satisfying, right?




4. Bulk Upload File




Did you really think we forgot about our free and pro users?



Not a chance!



As it has been limited to our free and pro subscribers to upload files for the bulk usage before. However, the old days are behind now and the service is available for everyone to use.



In case you are wondering, if you are a free user, you only get the chance to upload a file and conduct either, a bulk searcher, finder, or verifier for only 3 contacts at a time.



It is a solid way to show you how the feature works, and what are you missing if not decided to use a premium plan.



On the hand, if you are a pro user, you can still take advantage of 50 bulk at a time and upload both txt and CSV format.

No excuse now to use the service and enjoy the experience!



Share your success stories with us and let us know how minelead helped you reach your objectives. Contact us to display your story on our website.



Have fun!

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