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According to datareportal, In last April, Facebook reported almost 3 billion active monthly users, standing first among the world's largest top 'active' social sites. That further makes it simple to keep in touch with mates, friends and relatives, and social companions located all over the world.




Nevertheless, there have been situations when you'll need to gather the contact's private details, like their telephone number or emails, in order to communicate with them for business purposes.




Through this article, we will show you how to find emails from Facebook, giving you 4 effective ways to reach their contact information.



Let’s go right to the point. Shall we?







1. Check The Person’s About Page On Facebook


2. Use An Email Lookup Tool


3. Import Facebook Emails Using An Email Account Provider


4. Request The Email Address Manually




The 4 effective ways to utilize Facebook to discover someone else's email address are as follows:




1. Check The Person’s About Page On Facebook




It is a very easy and traditional way that you might attempt. Numerous individuals wish to maintain their personal information open to the public. You ought to be aware that the email may be obtained from the users' About section.




So While searching for someone's email address, the very first way you need to do is to peek at their Facebook profile.




Below is how to accomplish it:




  • Register in and search for the account.



For this strategy to succeed, you must possess your own Fb account. Connect to your account first.

Click on the search field once you've arrived at the main page. On the PC, it will be in the upper left corner. On a smartphone, however, check the searching glass icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.




Enter your target's name in the search field.  Next, to access the appropriate account, tap on it.




  • Check their contact details.




When you reach your lead's Facebook profile, click on the "About" section. In the overview page, you'll find the person's most important publicly available information, such as their place of residency, educational institutions, main relationship status, and much more.




If you prefer to customize your cold email for the outreach, you can search for pieces you share in common, such as Fb connections or academic background, their interests, and so on.




  • Find the email address.




When you gather all of the necessary data, go to "Contact and basic info." You may check for the individual's available contact details here, such as their phone number, business site, social pages, and, of obviously, their email.




This should function if the user's settings allow it. If one`s email address by itself doesn't show on this screen, they have most probably made this info personal, thus you must proceed to the following choice.




2. Use An Email Lookup Tool


Nowadays the most effective approach to finding a prospect's Fb email address is to look for it using email lookup tools. You can check up on somebody's data directly in personal public data, but you could also turn to email finding services that have been collecting accurate online information for a while.


This enables you to find emails in bulk and obtain email addresses even if they have been turned to hidden.




For the required input for this specific problem, you will need the person’s full name and the domain name of their company or school, or site.




This kind of information may be found when checking the contact details on the Facebook profile.



If you only have their website name, you can search emails on the domain email finder and then lookup for their names.



If this is the situation, you will want an email-finding tool. Here is the finest solution.  





Email finder




Minelead is a strong and simple lead generation tool. It allows you to easily identify a person's work email, even when they haven't shared it on their account.




Below are some of the key aspects of Minelead.








Minelead provides you with access to millions of relevant prospect emails. You may quickly search through them by narrowing them down with filters and finding the leads you're looking for.




Contrary to Facebook, if you can look up for lead's email address on Minelead, you'll realize it's valid with the green button. As you receive any emails, they are reviewed in real-time to ensure that you are receiving the correct one.




You'll understand you're not taking too long on an email that will simply bounce.







In case you are not sure about the validity of an email address, you can make sure to use the email verifier service, this will guarantee you great results.


The email verifier will provide extra information and details on the prospect’s email address, offering you the choice to either send an email or avoid the risk of being hurt by the bounce that could affect your score.



Find emails by name





Besides searching emails from a domain name, today, it is possible to find the email addresses of professionals from their full name and company’s domain.



This solution only offers valid emails that are verified with our email tester.



Integration with a Third Party




Minelead can be automatically integrated with services such as Google sheets, HubSpot, Zoho, Zapier, and many more, allowing you to link it to the tools you already use rather than manually importing the data of your leads.




You can try Minelead for free now and begin collecting the emails you require.




To find other features, check out what set us apart from other services.





3. Import Facebook Emails Using An Email Account Provider




Despite not being widely recognized, Fb makes it possible for you to transfer all of your connections into your chosen email system. This gives you every piece of data you require, specifically when searching via many friends.




This is how it works:






Due to its Fb connectivity, Yahoo is an incredibly simple service to utilize while transferring emails via your Facebook profile. This connection speeds up the process by allowing you to swiftly save emails.




  • Sign in to your Yahoo account. Set up a new account if you do not even have one.



  • Once you open an account, Yahoo will prompt you to integrate connections from Fb, Gmail, as well as other services.



  • Locate the "Import Contacts" option if you are connected to your current Yahoo mail account.



  • Choose Facebook now, and Yahoo should begin collecting contacts.



  • When the procedure is finished, visit your Yahoo Address Book to access the emails of Facebook profiles.




Gmail & Outlook


Although Facebook is not clearly linked to Gmail or Outlook, it does permit you to transfer emails into your Gmail. Look for your Facebook data and download it from the Settings & Privacy tab. When you click "download my information," automatically you will be taken to a different section where you can choose the sort of data you want to transfer. Click "Friends," next "HTML," and finally "Create File."




The operation may take a while, but as soon as the information is available for downloading, Facebook would notify you.




4. Request The Email Address Manually




If you were unable to find the email address on a social site, you might try asking them personally.




Go over to your target's account's About page, then to "Contact and basic info." Once an email address is switched to personal and kept secret from you, you might find a possibility to 'Ask for Email' rather than the email itself.




If you tap upon that, Fb will send a message to your potential lead informing them that you are asking for their email. Since this is a completely automatic message that cannot be customized or modified, the utilize it only when sending a private letter is not the ideal choice.




If this feature is likewise concealed, or if you prefer to add a much more human approach, you could text the individual a personal message.





To increase your chances of success, keep your message brief, with a simple introduction about you and the reason you need their email.








Finding email addresses on Facebook is simple if you have the correct tools and techniques. If you operate a B2C business, utilizing Facebook's possibilities might be critical to engaging your people and building a strong network.


If you'd like to remove the uncertainty from the approach, you can begin your free version with Minelead now, which will allow you to find emails not solely from Facebook, but also from any online source.


Test it for absolutely free now.

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