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Due to the fact that marketers who frequently check for valid emails experience low bounce rates, which in turn boosts their ROI on marketing initiatives, email verification solutions aid in achieving high deliverability rates. To assist you in making the best decision, we examined the top 7 email verification tools of 2022 for both novice and expert marketers.








2. MailboxValidator


3. Email Checker


4. CaptainVerify


5. Xverify


6. Mailfloss


7. Verifalia






Price: starting from $19 for all products for 2000 credits (free plan available)



Minelead is a 93 percent accurate email verification software solution that has gained recognition and interacts easily with many well-known marketing platforms. As part of Minelead's suite of email solutions, which also includes an email finder that enables you to quickly and simply identify the email address of a professional or business, the company offers a quality email verification product called Minelead Email Verifier.



The bulk and API email verifications are the main areas of focus for Minelead Email tester.



You may easily upload a list of email addresses to Minelead Email Validator, which will then verify those addresses and check their validity multiple times in real-time, including by comparing them to its special database of more than 100 million business email addresses. You are allowed 100 credits under the free plan, which you can use for both email finder and verification.



Pros yes Cons no
Generous plan for free             No extension available for the email verifier
Efficient performance + Integrations  



2. MailboxValidator




Price: $19.95 for 1,000 validations starting at (free plan available).



MailboxValidator is a basic, reasonably priced email address verification tool. Simply upload your email list in text or CSV format to get things going, then sit back and let the software take care of the rest. Your results will be delivered to you shortly. Given that the average mailing list is vast, MailboxValidator estimates that it takes around a day to validate 500,000 emails, so most customers won't have to wait for more than an hour.



MailboxValidator verifies a variety of things, including the format compliance of email addresses, the existence of mail server records in the DNS, whether the email address originates from a temporary provider like Mailinator, the viability of a network connection to the mail server, and many other things.



Pros yes Cons no
Demo versions Customer support might be improved                   
Resources for developers  
Complete interoperability with popular platforms  



3. Email Checker




Price: $14 for 1,000 credits when paid in full (a free plan is available).



Due to the fact that it has successfully verified a large number of email addresses and avoided numerous bounces, Email Checker is also one of the top email verification tools. Its thorough email verification engine runs a wide range of checks to find everything from known spam traps to domain name problems to grammatical flaws.



The drag-and-drop dashboard is the focal point of the Email Checker user interface. Although this dashboard is simple to use, it lacks a lot of visual appeals. The option to pick between one-time purchases and monthly subscriptions, though, is what makes it interesting. As a result, Email Checker ought to be able to satisfy your demands whether you're a starting businessperson or an established marketing organization.



Pro yes Cons no
Platform integrations for e-commerce Simple user interface that lacks visual quality
Automatic grammatical correction  
Simple mass email verification  




4. CaptainVerify




Cost: $7 for 1,000 verifications  (you can ask customer support to trial the service).



It's quite disappointing that CaptainVerify's performance won't earn any awards. Nevertheless, there are good reasons why it belongs on this list of suppliers of email verification tools. The solution starts by carefully cleaning up your email databases and increasing deliverability by means of a variety of verifications.




It accomplishes this while using a basic price structure that is completely clear. Although CaptainVerify doesn't overtly promote a free plan, we are aware that you can inquire for a free trial to earn 100 verification credits without paying anything.



Pros yes Cons no
Simple price structure Slow verification procedure
Several features  
Available in a variety of languages  




5. Xverify



Prices: are based on usage (no minimum requirements).



A dependable email verification solution with EU-based data centers and built-in fraud defense is Xverify. This product is suitable for European marketers who wish to increase deliverability by lowering spam complaints, avoiding hard bounces, and limiting fraud.  Xverify has a flexible pricing model with no minimum purchase requirements. Additionally, Xverify provides 100 free verifications so you may experience the service.




Use Xverify's bulk uploading function to submit your emails using the drag-and-drop interface or directly upload them over FTP if you have a large number of email addresses to clean up. By directly integrating your email form with Xverify's API, you may discard incorrect email addresses and reduce the need for further email verification.



Pros yes Cons no
Multiple uploads                                     Longer times are required to finish larger lists   
Built-in To Stop frauding  
A data center in the EU  




6. Mailfloss



Price: Starting at $17.00 a month.



An automated email verification program called Mailfloss is meant to avoid false and invalid addresses reducing the return on investment of your marketing campaign. Mailfloss corrects a large number of frequent mistakes and automatically syncs them with your service provider, unlike many other comparable email verification services that simply reject misspelled addresses. You may start using the service right away thanks to the free trial after spending only around a minute setting things up and creating an account.



In contrast to many other email verification service providers, Mailfloss doesn't demand a commitment from customers before they are willing to part with their hard-earned cash. Instead, you have 30 days to fully evaluate what it has to offer. Simply cancel your subscription and ask for a complete refund if you are unhappy with it—no questions asked.




Pros yes Cons no
Fixes typical error types                                               Some elements of the user interface are not intuitive
Integrate with other marketing services  
7-day no-cost trial   





7. Verifalia



Price: $9 per month for 250 daily email confirmations (free plan available).



Verifalia is arguably the least well-known program for verifying the email addresses of all those mentioned in this article, but that doesn't make it the worst. In-depth syntax validation, domain/MX/DNS checks, spam trap, catch-all server identification, mailbox availability checks, disposable email detection, and other services are all provided by Verifalia. The tool is safe by default and complies with the strictest data privacy standards in the world.




Try out its free email address validator, which enables you to rapidly validate a single email address, if you're interested in testing its precision and learning what makes it one of the top email verification service providers available.




Pros yes Cons no
Real-time API for verification                                                            

Unlikely to be as well-known as the other verifier tools mentioned in this article

HTTPS/TLS security  
Long existence online  








You may quickly and effectively eliminate misspelled and invalid addresses that are contaminating your marketing lists and making it challenging to get a good ROI on your campaigns by using the finest email verification tools discussed in this article. is the answer if you're seeking the greatest email verification tool that combines all pros; it offers an incredible selection of products that can fully assist you with your marketing efforts and sales-boosting at reasonable pricing.



Whatever email verification solution you select, be sure to use it frequently to maintain the maximum deliverability possible at all times.


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