Zoho CRM Integration is Now Available With Minelead



Zoho CRM and minelead



Your company must adapt rapidly to market expectations. Third-party integrations such as Zoho CRM Integration enable you to easily add tools and functionalities to your business operations that would otherwise take several months to build.



Even if your organization has the funds and resources to create tools in-house, they may require a significant amount of time to improve.




Zoho CRM Integration With Minelead




To make it simple to import freshly created leads from the email hunter into your Zoho CRM record, Minelead provides an enterprise integration with Zoho CRM.



Follow these easy steps to complete your integration :



Steps To Integrate Zoho CRM




  1. To begin, navigate to your user's account integration section.




When exploring various integrations, make sure to select Zoho CRM for this phase.



Minelead's integration



  1. Activate the integration on the right side by clicking the enable button.



Zoho CRM integration



  1. You will be directed to a page to accept and continue with the procedure.



Zoho integration minelead



Now, all of your existing and recently collected leads will be placed in Zoho CRM's Leads category. 


Within an hour of saving your potential prospects to your leads collection, they will be synced with your Zoho CRM Account. If you want to expedite the process, please contact us.



Zoho crm integration minelead




Please keep in mind that before deploying the integration, Minelead will immediately save both new input leads and previously saved leads to Zoho CRM.




So, if you wish to remove any connections from your existing mailing list, Make sure to clear undesirable leads from your Minelead account before your integration.




Deactivate Zoho CRM Integration




If you decide to use another CRM, you can deactivate your integration with a single click.



All you have to do is go to your Minelead account's Zoho CRM integration and then click on disable integration: the blue button on the right side.



When you do this, the integration will be immediately disabled.




Explore Other Minelead’s Integrations & Automation




In case you want to explore other integrations provided by Minelead, make sure to vis our integration section.



You have the option to either choose to integrate your lead findings from Minelead to your Google sheets or use Zapier integration to automate your work with more than 3000 apps.



Besides all that, another CRM integration will be launched soon, so make sure to stay up to date with our latest news.




Need more information? Contact us. We will be happy to help.

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