Digital Marketing Areas and Email Marketing







Why Do We Choose Email Marketing?



One of the essential tools of digital marketing is email marketing. In today’s era, there are a lot of promotional tools like content marketing, social media marketing, organic and paid search, digital advertising and email marketing. The reason why to choose email marketing is that 89% of markets say that email marketing their primary tool in lead generation. The importance of email marketing remains in the fact that the total number of users of emails 2.6billion on Facebook; it is 1.7billion and Twitter 313billion.




How Email Marketing Affect Your Customer ?



Email marketing is the easiest way to approach your customer. It helps to update them with the content they regularly want. It will create a fresh image of the brand. The customer gets inspired by the loyalty of a brand and might suggest others. The statistics show that 88% of mobile users check their email regularly. In the USA alone, 85% of adults send and read an email. The seriousness towards email allows companies to approach the best-targeted customer.




Is Email Marketing Effective ?



There are several ways to check your email marketing campaigns.


  1. Open rate: Open rate is the percentage of the total number of users clicking on the subject line of your email.Using the Open rate tool marketers modify the subject line of their email.
  2. Click-Through Rate(CTR): The total number of users who clicked on the link, image, CTR provided in your email. This helps marketers to determine the content of an email campaign.
  3. Conversion rate: The percentage of users who had completed the purpose you want from them, such as make a purchase.
  4. Soft bounce: When the inbox of a user becomes complete and could not receive any further emails, thus the email you sent will bounce back, and a user can’t accept it.
  5. Hard bounce: When you put an incorrect email address due to human error, it will also bounce back your sent email.



How Is Email Marketing a Useful Tools For Startups ?



Usually, startups don’t have a rich collection of email marketing campaigns to promote their product or service. In this scenario, they use form generating tools like Mailchimp. However, some external sources provide free access to search for your required email using the domain name. Such websites also act as a lead generation tool.


Some of these websites are free, and others required a premium. The most easily accessible website is It is a free unlimited email finder for startups and large businesses. Using domain email finder, you can start conversations with valuable contacts and tell them about your business. is the foremost tool of lead generation in email marketing campaigns.


One of the primary purposes of email finder is to provide free email finder. All you need is to signup and use a domain name you can find any desired email address using free email finders. Email hunter facilitates you for generating a lead, increasing business, and help employment.

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