Search Engine Marketing – What is it and How Does it Work?




Search Engine Marketing



Search engine marketing can open up a world of opportunities for you to promote your services or products where you can target relevant people who are interested in your site by using online advertising to communicate directly with your future customers.



Learn about marketing through search engines and the important elements that help create distinctive ads.





1. Introduction to Search Engine Marketing


2. Search Engine Marketing Auction



 1. Search Engine Marketing



In this section, we will talk about search engine marketing, known as SEM. We will discuss the way search engine marketing works, and most importantly, what distinguishes it in the world of marketing and its importance.



You must have heard about search engine marketing before, even if you do not know how it works. Suppose you are looking for flower delivery in London, for example, you will have many options on the search engine results page, let's take a look at these results.






These links that you see in the main part of the page are called free results so that they do not cost the site owner any fees or money to display them and the free results include links to websites that search engines find among the most relevant to search words.



Now, do you see the results displayed at the top of the page? These are paid ads, and they are the fruits of search engine marketing. So that this space is allocated to display your ads to potential customers when they are searching for keywords and phrases related to your business.







Search engine marketing also provides another unique feature, which is that the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on his ad. In other words, if you never click on your ad, you will not have to pay a penny.



Yes, that's right, that's why it's called pay-per-click advertising.



Suppose you own a flower delivery store and you want your ads to appear in the search results for flower delivery in London, but you want to pay only when the searcher clicks on your ad.



Search engine marketing can guarantee this to you, and this is what distinguishes it from traditional marketing methods, such as ads that are displayed in newspapers and magazines.



If you publish your ad using traditional methods, the ad will appear to a limited group of people only, whether they are looking for flower delivery or not. You also have to pay regardless of what the ad has achieved or not.



As for search engine marketing, it guarantees that everyone who clicks on your ad is actually interested in what you offer because they searched through the search engine for flower delivery in London, which led to the appearance of your ad on my results pages and clicking on it.



Unlike traditional methods, search engine marketing targets people who are looking for specific products and services, and this is of course more effective than delivering a message to people who may be interested in it or not interested in it at all.



So it can be said that search engine marketing is more efficient than traditional marketing, isn't it?



Now you know why.



Final word: Search engine marketing is an excellent option for your business, as it combines efficiency and simplicity in one template where users search for what they want on the Internet for a specific search, but only pay when someone clicks on their ads to find out more.



This is search engine marketing.




2. How Does Search Engine Marketing Work?





We talked before about the importance of search engine marketing is a great way to display ads at the right time, i.e. while potential customers are searching for your products or services, but do you know how search engine marketing works.



Search engine marketing depends on the bidding system, so here we will discuss how it is and give an example that will help you use search engine marketing as the best way for your business.



In the beginning, try to search for a service known as flower delivery, for example, so that we can look at the search results page together.



In the center of the page, you will see the free results, They are the ones that the site owner does not pay for their appearance on the search pages. At the top right of the page and at the bottom you will see the results of any paid advertisement.



Search engines determine the number of boxes in which advertisements will appear on each page, so the competition begins among advertisers in the auction to win these boxes.



If you search for flower delivery, the ads that appear in the search engine are the result of this auction.



The winning ads appear in prominent boxes within the results page, usually at the top of the page. As for advertisers who were not so lucky, their ads appear in less distinct boxes.



Well, you may be wondering what this auction will be like now. Simply it is like most regular auctions where a participant has to submit a bid, which affects the performance of the auction.



But it is not limited to the price offer alone, but you must also ensure the relevance of your words to the topic of the research, and this is a very important point.



In short, in order to succeed in this type of auction, you must offer a competitive bid and appropriate and strong advertising content. Providing these two factors is the secret to success in search engine marketing.






Let's take a look at these workers first, the price offers.



Let's say you intend to pay up to $3 per click on your ad when searching for flower delivery services.



This price is often known as the maximum price per click Max CPC.



Let's say that your competitor has set one US dollar as the maximum price per click, which means that your bid is of the highest value and therefore you will bid on it in the auction. Any business can change its maximum CPC at any time. So be sure to monitor your bids regularly to make sure you get the performance you want.



But as I mentioned before, the auction is not limited to bids only. The relevance of the content is also an important factor, and it is a measure.



Usually from one to ten - to assess the relevance of your ads to the topic that the person is searching for. Search engines like Google and Bing indicate this with your Quality Score.



Suppose someone did a search using the term flower delivery and the title of your ad was flower delivery in London.



The search engine is likely to consider your ad highly relevant, and you may get a high-quality score.



But what if your ad was flower services in London. It is true that both advertisements refer to flowers, but the latter is less appropriate because it talks about flower services in general, and not about flower delivery in this case.



The degree of relevance of your ad will not be high, and therefore you may get a lower quality score.



But what is the importance of these quality points? for example, when a different activity offers equal prices, The search engine chooses the business that has more quality points to appear in a higher position on the search results page.



If you need to improve your performance in search marketing, the best way to do so is to Constantly review your advertising campaigns to ensure that your ads are relevant to relevant research topics.



In short, both max CPC and quality score are the main factors that determine your performance in the auction.



Well let's continue with the same scenario and this time assume that the two businesses are competing for the same keyword flower delivery.



Emma offered an increase of four dollars in price more than a click, but she managed in achieving only 3 quality points from 10.



While John offered three dollars as a maximum price per click and his quality level reached a full 10 degrees, we can through this information know the outcome of the auction before it is even announced.



With a simple arithmetic operation to calculate what is known as the order of the media, Emma got a total of twelve points in the auction, after multiplying the price by the degree of quality.



While John scored 30 points even though his bid was lower. This means that despite his bid of less than one dollar than Emma's bid, he won the auction and got a higher ranking than Emma on the page.



Such scenarios abound in search engine marketing, And if this indicates something, it indicates that you cannot buy your way to the top with money only.



This ensures that the ad that is most relevant in terms of content and content wins and not the one offering the highest price.



Thus, if your ad is not relevant and you get low-quality points, it will be difficult for you to compete. In fact, if your relevance score is too low, search engines will likely never show your ad.



To improve your performance, you should focus on improving the relevance of all your ads and always making sure that they correspond to the terms that customers are looking for at the moment.




This will enable you to win higher positions for your ads without having to raise the bid too much.



End Of The Road



Now you know what is Search Engine Marketing and the importance of using SEM to promote your business, and how the Search Engine Marketing auction works, you need to find out later what makes a good keyword and how to make your ads stand out.  We will cover that next, so stay tuned!


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