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Getting leads is one of the most important things for any company in order to gain profits for itself and boost its sales, especially if those leads were converted into actual loyal customers. What concerns us here is how to hunt those leads with a Domain Email Finder.







Importance of Leads Conversion



How to Use Domain Finder Tool



          1. Minelead Chrome Extension



          2. The Domain Finder



Benefits of Free Domain Finder




Importance of Leads Generation & Conversion




Although there are many ways to generate leads through blog posts, tracking visitors on your website, 101 meeting with potential clients, or even a shared business card during an event.



Domain Email Finder is one of the most highly appreciated and critical ways for leads generation and conversions. Through this article, you will see the outcome result of using Domain Email Finder and how our services help you with the process.




But first, why conversion is important?




One of your main goals as a business is establishing profits and guaranteeing a great outcome for both sides, your company, and your customer. And this is what a lead conversion provides.



As for your clients, it helps them solve their issues and pain points through the service offered by your company.  




One of the advised ways to get those businesses leads is to go straight to their domain. Now, why a domain address and how?




If you are a business, you are most likely to have created your own website in order to promote your business services or products to accomplish sales, or just share awareness and create a good name for your brand.



Creating a website and a domain name for your business comes with generating emails for your employees using that domain name as a reference.



Having those emails represent the communication or contact point, where your employees could share information with other colleagues or with their customers responding to their queries, or even contacting other businesses for multiple reasons.



Targeting those domains is only a simple way to get through the veil that this business has created for you.



However, make sure that the emails found from those domains are publicly accessed and already displayed on the internet. is only a service that facilitates this communication and helps you enjoy the gathered data and full exposure to these contact emails.




How to Use Email Finder Tool




Here we will explain to you how this tool works, giving you live examples and multiple ways to generate those leads and get quality emails with ease.



Let’s say for example, that you would like to get in contact with a business in the law field - a law firm. By using Minelead’s products your access to email related to this domain is guaranteed. How? See below!




1. Using Minelead Chrome Extension



Did you know that you can easily find leads from a direct website?



Use Chrome extension or Firefox addons. We go to KinStellar’s website:



As you can see, they have a ‘’contact us’’ page - where they have a long list of contact information for them and their partners, or sometimes it happens that you run into a contact page where you have to submit your request or message without knowing the email addresses.



However, with Minelead instead of noting all of those down, or submitting a contact request you can use our tool and save the emails found from the website in your account for this specific domain, and you get a direct contact for your business to promote.




We have used the Chrome extension and this is what we got as a result:





Chrome Extension Email Finder


Results Using Browser Extension




Along with the list of emails that you can use, the blurry ones are limited because our free version offers you a high amount of email results but our Pro version offers you unlimited results.




After you’ve done this search if you go to your account you’ll find in ‘Search’ the domain you’ve just used the extension on and all the found emails verified as well.



If you click on the domain again, you will have quick access to the email list, you can also export the emails list to use afterward.




That was a simple way of generating leads using the browser extensions. Now let’s see with a domain finder.



2. Using The Domain Finder




Minelead domain finder


Results of Using The Direct Domain Search on Minelead Free Account



Another way of using our platform to have access to these leads is using the direct domain finder. (See image above)

If you are using the free version, you can search up to 25 domains, however, if you want more leads, you can easily upgrade now and enjoy a better experience with unlimited search and results.




Benefits of Free Domain Finder







The benefits of using a free domain finder are limitless and can provide endless opportunities as well for your business.



Besides generating leads for your company, you can also take advantage of fruitful collaborations, finding great investors, and even long-term partnerships where these represent different streams for money and growth.




You cannot ignore the benefits of a great domain email finder tool, especially one that is free as ours. Although we have a Pro subscription option, Business and Enterprise as well, our FREE option gives you plenty of resources for you to lead a great company and get in touch with the right people for your company. 




Without the right people, your company could result in failure. It’s not always about the clients but about your company growing as well.




If it stagnates too much or your focus is only on client lead conversion it might make the company stagnate too, stop, and then easily decline down to bankruptcy. 




However, using a domain email finder tool and finding investors, collaborators, or other partners is thinking long-term and getting your company across limitations into more abundance and wealth. 




There’s no limit to what you can do with your company and how you can help it grow, especially with the right business professionals on board.




Mutual benefits that serve both companies can help you conquer industries and get on top of the market against a tough and strong competitor. In time, you might outrank them in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and in business profits. 






Using a domain email finder is a great way to expand into professionals’ outreach and focus more on building strong connections with other companies and their employees. 



If you are a new start-up and aim to grow but you have a limited source of money, you can always take advantage of a free email finder and verifier tool. We guarantee you quality results that could help you sail your successful boat.




If you want to find out more, sign up today!


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