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We live in a technologically advanced world where we are more linked than ever. As a result, an email address finder can be a useful tool for connecting and using for a variety of purposes.




We have more mediums than ever before via which we may interact - Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Emails... etc, they're all means to communicate with one another, but when it comes to business growth, which one we can rely on?  







Why Lead Generation is Important ? 


Top Reasons For Using Free Company Finder


1. Find Investors


2. Access To Collaborators' Email Addresses


3. Recruit The Right Person For The Job


Why Minelead is a Good Fit For Your Business






Importance of Lead Generation & Emails







Although there are lead generation methods for obtaining B2B and B2C potential converts, as well as professional networking options such as LinkedIn, we present something different: email address finder tools.



These tools work for you, hunting company, and professional email addresses.



This is actually amazing since you no longer have to squander time and effort looking for a single professional email address to outreach. But why would you want to utilize such a tool in the first place?



According to leads statistics: Companies who thrive at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads at a 33 percent reduced cost. (Source: Forrester Research)



However, lead generation isn't as simple as it used to be. According to a Hubspot survey, creating traffic and leads is the biggest difficulty for 61 percent of marketers.



Can we really tackle this issue?



Of course, prospects can be found in many ways, however, to find company email addresses and generate leads for your business through emails is the most known and significant way that converts leads into customers.




Why? Because when communicating for business needs, 86% of professionals prefer to utilize email and for small businesses, email marketing has shown the highest return on investment. (2019, Campaign Monitor)



Giving these statistics is only a simple way to show you why lead generation and email marketing are important. This leads us to the point of discussing that finding email is significant for any business.



No matter what goals or reasons you aim to find emails for, however, we will present to you the top 3 objectives where email address hunter can be useful.



Top Reasons For Using Free Company Finder




1. Find Investors




One of the most effective ways to contact a possible investor online is to use a domain finder. An investor can help you turn your business around from bankruptcy to success, or simply allow it to grow.




An investor can also boost your and your employees' morale. It could be growing the business and introducing something new, enhancing the company strategy, improving the product, or simply enhancing the technologies your staff utilize. 



2. Access To Collaborators' Email Addresses




Find partners



If you are working on a project or wish to start one, you may require the assistance of a collaborator. An email address lookup is a terrific approach to finding a collaborator, and it might make the difference between your project's success or failure if you don't find one on time or the wrong one.




Depending on the length of your project, a collaborator can be part-time or long-term. You may see the collaborator's potential as a full-time employee, and they may accept your offer, allowing your firm to expand and allow you to grow with it. 



3. Recruit The Right Person For The Job



You may require a board member, an executive, a manager, or a basic assistant on occasion. Going to the websites of companies where they may work and utilizing any email finder might help you gain specific professionals' emails and reach out to them to see if they want to swap sides.




They might want to, and it could help your company grow and thrive in ways you never imagined. Even filling a small position like an assistant can improve the atmosphere in your office by bringing in a positive person.



Why Minelead is a Good Fit For Your Business is a technology solution Saas that specializes in email products. An advanced email search and verification tool. It offers a browser extension, API, or web interface to help identify and validate professional emails for any company or website online.



Our tool is tailored for start-ups, small businesses, and big enterprises. We have managed to develop a set of products that makes lead generation and email marketing more simple and effective.



Our free service has been able to help thousands of businesses to accomplish their sales goals.



While visiting our platform, you will find :



Real-Time Email Lookup that returns a mixture of emails from our own database and emails we've newly acquired from the internet.



Email Verifier that helps you check the validity of email addresses to guarantee you the right outreach. You will get more details on type, form, server, and the existence of an email.




Email Finder directs you to the correct person’s email while entering their full name and company domain.




Bulk Service, with the real-time search option, enabled, the service will make a deep search and verify your emails in a short period of time.



Browser Extension that offers you both chrome and firefox extensions for free access to emails on a website it also offers easy lead exporting.




API Service & Integrations also provide the same service across multiple integrations and tools that could automate your business with less effort and time.



The tool is constantly improving to deliver quality service at an affordable price for all types of businesses.



Our starter pack at 19$ will increase your lead generation by thousands if not millions with the 2K credits. To get the best of the service, you can unlock these features from the free version: Unlimited leads, Multiprocessing, No Request Throttling, Unlimited Results, File Upload for Bulk, API Technical Support, Multi-Users.



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To Sum Up




Investors, collaborators, or partners (additional employees) can drastically alter the dynamics of your firm and help it expand in unexpected ways.




Finding emails by domain can assist you in connecting with the appropriate individuals - specialists who will not let you down. Professionals that are looking for a change might be delighted to receive a cold email from you inviting them to invest, partner, or switch sides with your organization - you never know!




People may require a mild nudge to get them out of their comfort zones and working with your organization and your email marketing pitch may get them on track.




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