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Find business email address




When starting out as a new business owner, finding the right email address for your company to thrive can seem overwhelming. But don't worry, we've got you covered!



In this article, we’ll walk through some of the different types of email address searches to help you build a reliable emailing list for your business marketing and sales campaigns.






Search Emails From Domain Name


Find Emails By Name


Find Emails Using The Email Hunter Extension


Build  a Powerful Emailing List



Finding an email address for your business is one of the most important things you'll ever do. But where do you start?




There are many different ways to attract new customers to your website. However, we'll show you 3 methods to find highly qualified leads for your outreach.




Search Emails From Domain Name



Finding emails from a domain name is an easy task especially if you are using the right method for it. It doesn’t require much information or data to acquire thousands of emails that are accessible online.



To accomplish this task, you’ll need the appropriate email search tool and the domain name for the company you are targeting.



Let’s say you are targeting Nike to promote your products and services you believe that the company might be interested in.



Since we have already aimed for one company to reach, now our next step is to find the best domain finder tool that provides high-quality verified results.



For that, try Minelead, once you enter your domain name which is in our case,, Thousands of emails will flow.




Nike emails



In case you don’t have a particular person in mind to contact, you may choose different departments using generic emails, such as sales, marketing, HR, and support departments on, and, and so on.





generic emails




Find Emails By Name




Another way to find an email address of a particular person is using their name and company name.



For this specific way, besides using the perfect tool for your query, you will need two pieces of information as input: Full name and domain name.



To find the name of people working at a company, social media may help you with that. One that we advise is using Linkedin or Twitter, they are a sea full of professional contacts. You can find both the name of people and their current job and company.




Once you have this information, you can use our free email finder tool to find their business email address for professional contact.



Let’s see an example of that.



Let’s say you are an ambitious person who graduated lately from a prestigious university majoring in physics. And your dream since a kid to work at SpaceX run by Elon Musk.



Now you have the opportunity to contact Elon Musk directly using our tool to find his email address.



All you have to do is to enter the full name in the right space typing: Elon Musk and the company or domain name which is in this case



Et Voilà! The email address you need to contact Elon.




spacex elon musk email




Isn’t this incredible? Hoping your dream will come true by landing on the right company for a job or promoting your business, this works for many applications.



What is great about the email finder is that it only displayed the verified email address with a 100% guarantee that the email address exists.




Now, let’s check another cool option. Which is my favorite by the way.




Find Emails Using The Email Hunter Extension




Another option is to visit the company's website. Many companies will list their contact information on their homepage. If not, you can usually find it through a simple chrome extension or firefox addon.




Both extensions will help you collect many emails and export them at once using the email hunter.



Why this is amazing?



Because you get to find emails while browsing the web :D




So the way it works is easy. You will need no prior information to have a company’s email address. However, you will need to target a company online and visit their website.




Let’s see a way to deploy that on a real example:



Once you have installed the Free Chrome Extension, you will then visit Adidas online, and click on the extension on top. And then Find Emails.



You will end up having this. A list of more than 300 Emails.  




Adidas emails



To have all the emails in a file, you can export that by clicking on the download icon.



Let’s see what is the next point.



Build a Powerful Emailing List




If you're looking to generate leads to your website to increase your traffic, promote your business or even sell your products or services, you will need to build a powerful mailing list.



This list should include high-quality contacts and leads that may show interest in what you do.



After finding all the necessary emails, creating your mailing list is now an easy job, especially once you overcome the most challenging part which is lead generation.



To add these data to any of the CRM tools or automation services, with Minelead, it is now simple to integrate your finding into such tools.



To automate your newly added leads from Minelead to more than +3000 apps online with different workflows. You may choose Zapier Integration.



However, if you have already used Zoho CRM as a tool to manage your contacts, then this integration is the right for you, check out how it works.







Now, using three different accurate and effective methods, you can find business email addresses in seconds by using our best free tool. It will search through all the available options on search engine websites.



Remember, these emails found by our tool are fully public emails on the internet. We are not transpassing anyone’s privacy.




Make sure to give it a try and share your thoughts about the tool here.




If you have any questions regarding how to use our tools or third-party integrations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.


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