10 Best Email Finder Tools: How To Find Anyone’s Email Address?




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Finding an email address is frequently the key piece in the sales and lead generation process. In many cases, you are only missing the person's contact information but know exactly whom you want to approach.



The value of an email address is immeasurable.



Some prospects make it simple for you by making their email publically available on one of their online accounts. To uncover the email addresses of everyone else, you'll need to put in a little further detective work.



We've searched the web for the best email-finding tools, which will help you hunt applicants more efficiently. This will make that investigative work much faster.



Here are our picks for the top 10 best email finder tools:






1. Minelead.io


2. Hunter


3. Sellhack


4. Voilnorbert


5. Datanyze


6. Lusha


7. Anymail Finder


8. Find That Email


9. Contactout


10. Rocketreach




1. Minelead.io



Part of Minelead.io's lead generation tools is this quick and inexpensive email-finding tool. It allows you to gather targeted leads and find emails in seconds.



There are many search possibilities at minelead, including single and bulk real-time domain searches, searches based on names, and social URL searches.



A top-notch Chrome hunter extension, Firefox add-on, and Gmail extension help you identify targeted profiles and extract important email addresses from any website you visit.



Utilizing the full name and domain name, it is possible to find a prospect's complete email address.


Email verification that is highly accurate (up to 93%) and offers the display of catch-all email addresses.



API that enables you to add email search functionality to your CRM or app.



Pricing & Features



Free: 100 credits each month. Benefiting from almost all features with some constraints.



Pro: For only $19, you will benefit from 2,000 credits. Having 100 bulk a time, unlimited results with 1-sec throttling.



Business: $99 per month for 50,000 credits, including the previously mentioned features with API technical support and 1000 bulk search at a time.



Enterprise: For unlimited credits, you will be paying only $299 for all features, including additional integrations, multi-users option, and unlimited bulk.




2. Hunter



Hunter provides an email hunter, domain search, and email verification as another well-known resource for finding business email addresses (95 percent of verified emails are deliverable).



Hunter will return as many confirmed emails as it can for a certain target domain (such as Facebook) if you enter it.



Prices & Features




Free: 75 credits total, 500 recipients by campaign.


Starter: $49 per month for 1,500 credits and 2,500 recipients for campaigns.



Growth : $99/month for 7,500 credits and 5,000 recipients.



Pro: at $199 per month for 30,000 credits and 7,500 recipients.



Business: 90,000 credits cost $399 per month including all features with 10,000 recipients for a campaign.




3. Sellhack




This software, created for sales teams, enables you to create prospect lists, identify emails, and create lead lists. A 12-step email verification engine that tries to find a person's ideal email address in real-time is one of the features.



Pricing & Features



Free: 10 credits each month are free.



Lite: 100 Email Credits at $5 a month. You will get to build prospect lists, have no more ads, save results, and take advantage of a simple plugin.



Basic plan: 350 Email Credits at $19/month.



Starter plan: 1,000 Email Credits at $49/month. With the export added feature, enhanced plugin, and concurrent searches.



Pro: 2,500 Email Credits at $99 per month. Complete list builder, access to REST API, integration with salesforce, and premium plugin.



4. Voilanorbert




You can try out Norbert, a helpful assistant designed to find corporate email addresses, with 50 free leads.



Although it's easy to use and doesn't require the installation of a plugin, it doesn't check for catchall addresses and has a restriction on the number of queries users can make (to avoid the service being blocked by SMTP servers).



Pricing & Features 



Free: 50 Leads.



Valet: 1,000 leads/month at $49. Benefit from bulk and API usage, 50 bulk workers with unlimited team members.



Butler: 5,000 leads/month at $99.



Advisor: 15,000 leads/month at $249.



Counselor: 50,000 leads/month at $499.



5. Datanyze





A clever feature of the Datanyze browser plugin allows you to find email addresses by highlighting a person's name anywhere it appears online.



The email search tool then pings a variety of potential email addresses to identify the most likely one.



Pricing & Features



Nyze Lite: 90 Days trial- 10 credits per month.



Nyze Pro 1: 80 credits per month at $29.



Nyze Pro 2: 160 credits per month at $55.



Top features: gather information while using social media, manage and export contact lists without difficulty, Prospect search, and contacts at scale.



6. Lusha




The primary goal of Lusha is to discover personal email addresses (arguably a better channel to reach candidates than their business email.) It does more than just identify email addresses; for many prospects, it also gives telephone numbers. It takes great satisfaction in being exceedingly simple to use.



Pricing & Features



Free: 5 credits a month. Benefiting from direct and landline phone numbers, email addresses, Basic prospecting platform with a basic chrome extension.



Pro: 480 credits/month at $29. Free features plus: List management, List export, and many others.



Premium: at $44, you will get 1680 credits up to 2 users, including all features in Pro plus: bulk usage and extension, CRM integration with basic usage analytics.



For the Enterprise plan, the price will be customized and you will benefit from many other features.



7. Anymail Finder




Another software for finding emails in bulk or individually. The application will predict your prospect's email address and allow you to quickly copy it when you enter their name and the URL of their company website.



Anymail scans through web pages and conducts direct server validation to discover emails. Only email addresses that they are able to satisfactorily verify are charged.



Prices & Features



Free: 20 verified emails.



Paid Subscriptions: 1,000 verified emails at $49 per month.



                                   5,000 verified emails at $99 per month.



                                  10,000 verified emails at $149 monthly. 



8. Find That Email




This Chrome extension, known as the "Yellow Pages" of email, allows you to search for emails individually or upload large lists of prospects at once for validation. Users can use Find That Email by entering a candidate's name and the domain of their employer.




It's good to know that the program claims to have a success rate of over 90% given that many email finding tools have accuracy problems.




Pricing & Features



Free: 100 Verify Credits, 50 Find Credits.



Starter: 750 Verify Credits, 250 Find Credits of a total of 1,000 credits at $29 including bulk and integrations.



Pro: 6,000 credits total at $79 where you can transfer credits.



Teams: For $149 you will benefit from 18,000 credits a month, where you can use API, unlike other plans.



Custom: starting from 30,000 credits at $249, all features included.



9. ContactOut




The tools help you search for emails and phone numbers on Github and Linkedin, maintain profiles, and send email marketing campaigns.



The tool claims that is able to find the phone numbers and email addresses of 75% of professionals with a 99.9% accuracy rate.



Pricing & Features



Free: 40 contacts / month.



Personal: 100 contacts / month at $29.



Professional: 300 contacts / month at $99.



Recruiter: 600 contacts / month at $199.



Team: A customized plan for a customized price.



Top features: When choosing the best plan, you will get all features that work on all LinkedIn versions including LinkedIn Recruiter Pro, Salesforce integration in its entirety, more contacts, personal and professional emails, and Phone numbers.



10. Rocketreach



Over 700 million professionals from 35 million businesses are claimed to be included in Rocketreach's database. In addition to providing email templates that interact with your current email provider and ways to manage contacts inside of your existing CRM or ATS, Rocketreach also allows you to search for personal and professional emails, phone numbers, and other information.



Pricing & Features



For individuals



Essentials: 125 lookup / month for $59.



Pro: 300 lookup /month for $119.



Ultimate: 833 lookups per month at $299.



For teams and enterprises, a customized plan will be created for you.



Top products: advanced search, chrome and edge extension, API, bulk email address lookup, and integrations.







We hope that we have given you enough information to choose the finest email finder for you and your company.




Minelead.io might be the best option for you if you're searching for a cost-effective all-in-one option with a variety of tools, many features, excellent customer care, and a solid reputation.




Download our email finder extension now to get 100 credits each month for free, and get ready to explore some of the best free email finder features available today.




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