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Contacting a company for a query from an online contact form is easy, but being able to search emails by a domain of people or company members at different departments in specific domains can be tricky.



Reaching out to someone by email can be more effective than doing so over social media or a contact application.



It's the most respectful and professional method to communicate, and this would be the cheapest and faster way to get in touch with someone.



With this new feature, you can now search all email addresses that were used on a particular domain and promote your business in an appropriate way.



For that reason, make sure to look at one of the great features that may allow you to identify someone's email address in seconds.




How to do that? We will see that next!






What Does Search Emails By Domain Do?


Why Should I Use It?


Here's How It Works


How Can I Find Out More About It?




What Does Search Emails By Domain Do?



This feature allows you to search through all emails available online by a certain domain by using the domain name as part of the search query.




For example, if you wanted to find all emails publically accessible to the domain “”, you would enter “ in the search bar.”



This kind of tool is not actually limited to this option, if you want to find a particular person from the search by domain, you could type their name on the bar and the person’s email address will be filtered and pushed up first.




This feature enables manual or mass email address searches. Additionally, it offers a useful leads page for organizing your email contacts for addresses that have been chosen as favorites. Even other well-known business services like HubPost, Zoho CRM, and Zapier can be integrated with the app.




Why Should I Use It?




benefits of an email finder



If you're looking for leads or new prospects for your business, this feature will help you find them faster than ever before by hunting their email addresses.



In addition, it also helps you verify their quality to check the existence of the email and then send your marketing campaign and follow up with them later.



The benefits of an email address finder are limitless. Besides generating leads to boost your sales, you can find investors, and business partners, hire qualified personnel for a specific job or role or even help job seekers pursue their dream job.



For business matters, you should use lead generation tools because they are cheaper compared to hiring a lead generation firm to do all do work. They offer highly qualified leads, where you could choose the people you need to contact or departments such as sales, support, marketing, and so on from the generic email addresses.



Searching emails by domain is also a faster way to fulfill your needs. Why ? with their huge up-to-date database, you will receive email addresses in seconds. You can also save time using the bulk search rather than the single manual search.



On top of that, you can automate your searches and findings by integrating your searches into our platform using the API key.



Saving money and time can turn right to your business as this feature will help you increase your revenue by selling more from your marketing and sales campaign.



In the end, you will be conquering industries on the market and finding your way to the summit.




Here's How It Works




search emails by domain




It functions by requesting that you enter a business domain name in the provided field, after which it lists every email lead it finds using data from several online sites in real-time search and a well-established and powerful database.



Once you've found the email address you like to message in the results, click on the colored dots next to the address to see if the email address is verified or not.



When the email address is not checked, make sure to confirm its validity to avoid bouncing emails. You will be informed when you choose to verify if the email can be reached.



You can find more email addresses by clicking on finding more. It will activate the real-time finder giving you the chance to get more authentic email addresses.



You can store your results in a collection under the name leads, copy past emails to send a direct message, or export all emails to later use.



If by chance you need an extension that could help you search emails while surfing on the web, you could use our chrome extension or firefox addons.



The email finder option is also available as a Gmail Extension, where it aids you to find email addresses from a full name and a domain name.



This tool will save you much time when you already know the person you are planning to contact and you are only missing their email address.




How Can I Find Out More About It?




Getting to know more about search emails by domains is easily accessible now with our platform, you can either take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions FAQ, raise awareness from our valuable content or check out our youtube videos on how to use our tools.



See the listed below contents and videos to help you master the tool and require the full information.



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